Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Quick WIP for a Cutie

  Hey, everybody! This is just a quick post today... I'm super busy with one sweet promotional job - and by sweet, I mean sweet! My butt is busy in the kitchen with brownies, dough, cheesecake, fudge sauce, batter, custard, meringue, peanut butter "something", and a whole lot of dishes to be done. But I had to take a short break to let you know what's on the hook in between batches:

  I met a new cutie! And no, I'm not straying from the Other Half... We recently had the neighbors over, and they brought their little boy along. This little guy is full of spunk and energy. He sure keeps his mommy on her toes already, and he's just learning to walk! In the few moments she had between "no's" in my non-childproofed house (lol), Mommy was telling me what Little Guy is going to be for Halloween... And a new WIP went on the hook.

crochet, WIP, work in progress

  So, let me just say that Mommy is one smart cookie (OMG, please, no more cookies!). Little Guy isn't going to get much use from a Halloween costume before he outgrows it, so she's putting together a costume from clothes he already has. Add to that a new pair of shoes -one size too big- so that all the items can be reused after The Night of Candy Overload. I automatically saw an opportunity to provide an extra accessory to the getup, and I'm making it so it can pull double-duty, too.

crochet, Halloween, WIP

  And of course it will be a free pattern! I have a tiny bit more work to do on it, plus weave in the ends. Then, I need to track down Little Guy for a picture, if Mommy is willing... And if Little Guy will sit still. One reason I don't share a lot of stuff I make for little ones is because they don't sit still for pictures! If it can't roll away yet, okay. If it understands and will listen to "no", then okay. If it's anything in between, photo shoots are often a nightmare!

crochet, WIP, weaving in ends

  This is a great start to my goal of "getting back to the basics". First, I'll get this one done for Trick or Treat Time. Then I'm going to make another, so I can take the time to make a video. This will be a great project for beginners to practice the half-double crochet, plus change colors. And while we're at it, I'll teach you another of my "out of the ordinary" tricks for when I change colors... One that especially comes in handy when doing color changes with the half-double crochet.

  The pattern will come first this time. This promotional job has me a little behind schedule, so it might be a week or two before the video is ready. In the meantime, beginners can get a head start by heading over to my Guidecentral profile. (Keep an eye out for some yummy recipes showing up soon!) In between my time in the kitchen, I've also been busy making some new Guides covering the basic stitches. If you're looking for help with a specific stitch, here's some direct links:

Chain stitch

Slip stitch

Single crochet

Half-double crochet

Double crochet

Triple crochet

Happy Crocheting!

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