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I Love Yarn Day (Sales)!

  Happy I Love Yarn Day!

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  October 17th, 2015 is I Love Yarn Day! (Some of you may be getting this a little early, but posts usually go out in the feed the next day... So if you're here early, then happy Early I Love Yarn Day!) Now, I've already written my post about I Love Yarn Day, and explained what I'll be doing: Basically, nothing. To sum it up, I had a cool plan but it fell through. Don't let that stop you from celebrating how much you love yarn!

  I often get asked "Do we really need a day to celebrate yarn? Every day is I Love Yarn Day!", and maybe that's true. However... Don't you want an extra-special day to celebrate yarn? I do! Know why? Yarn sales!! Tons of companies are offering online yarn sales in honor of I Love Yarn Day (or... Just because), and I'm sure you might be able to find one at your LYS (local yarn shop) if you have one. Sadly, I don't. So, since my LYS-less I Love Yarn Day is starting to look pretty boring, I took some time to track down some great sales! 

*Disclaimer* I shall not be held accountable for any loss of your savings. I'm simply sharing yarn sales with you. I am not being compensated in any way by any manufacturer or retailer. In fact, I'll probably be depleting my funds while tracking down these deals for you. Any damage done to your wallet as a result of these sales is solely your own responsibility, and by continuing you hereby accept that you should blame yourself for blowing your budget.


  • Michaels has an assortment of brands on sale, which you can check out by clicking the picture to follow the link. My pick is the Lily Sugar and Cream for $0.79!

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  • Joann is also offering quite an assortment. I found a few yarns on sale that I've never used, and a couple that I haven't even seen yet! I think, just to be honest, you can find some of these brands on sale for less through their manufacturers, but there's still some great deals! My pick (an unseen yarn to me) is Lion Brand Landscapes. Check out that color!

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  • Speaking of Lion Brand, hop on over there for some great sales any time. I haven't been keeping track of their deals, so what a surprise to find a bunch of 3-skein value packs at 40% -or more- off! You'll find baby yarn, cotton yarn, Chenille yarn, fuzzy yarn, fluffy yarn, furry yarn... All in discounted three-packs. I'm not sharing a pick for this site, because I wanted them all by the time I made it to page 15 of the sales. I'll just let you go start on page one and check out the Clearance Section for yourself! 

  • M'kay... Forget about the celebration for a minute... Just bookmark this page! I mean, you can't go wrong with a URL like, can you? My jaw dropped when I came across the Grampa's Garage Sale section. You will find discontinued colors and assorted brands, but my pick is surely the Borroco Borealis. What a discount!

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  • And, one more: I've been saving up for a shopping spree at this site, and I can't wait! Vivid Yarns has been on my list of companies to try out, but my money keeps running out. They have a great Closeout section, but this is more of a buy-in-bulk site. Just one of their packages is often more yarn than I need for a project, so I've been putting it off. Maybe I Love Yarn Day will be the day to give their yarns a go... The only problem is, I can't choose just one from their huge assortment! 

  I'm sure there has to be so many more yarn sales out there, but I can't keep going. Must... Buy... Yarn! Many of those sales are in more obvious places: Check out Craftsy, Cut Rate Crafts, Ravelry, and KnitPicks, or go directly to your favorite yarn manufacturer. It seems like maybe quite a few of them are missing out on I Love Yarn Day, but they still have discounts! You can take advantage of that while pretending they're celebrating with you, right? While you wait for that yarn to ship, you can party the rest of the day away by making room in your stash. 

  Do you have anything planned for I Love Yarn Day? Whether you're throwing a yarn party or making an item for charity, everything counts as a celebration for the day! Pour yourself some wine and stitch in a bubble bath! (Omg, can that be done? Imagine trying to work row 56 of a full size afghan while in a tub of water, lol. Wait. Plarn!) Become a yarn addiction enabler and teach someone your skills. And don't forget to share your 'celebrations' on social media, using the hashtags #stitchitforward and #ILYD2015. Or, there's my personal favorite: Stick some googly eyes on your favorite skein, then carry it around, petting it and whispering "I love you, Yarn" repeatedly as people walk by. I just might have to try that.

Have a Happy I Love Yarn Day!
And can we make October I Love Yarn Month already?

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