Thursday, January 19, 2017

Faerie's Enchantment Scarf

   The double crochet cross stitch worked in rows make a warm fabric that is full of texture. Although this stitch is quite thick, it has an almost-lacy look that adds to its elegance. And with the easy pattern repeat, you might find yourself enchanted by this pattern, too... I can just imagine some winter faeries frolicking in a frozen forest while wearing this set!

crochet, free pattern, scarf, Faerie's Enchantment, Caron Cakes, Faerie Cake

  Using Caron Cakes yarn, I worked the scarf to 60" (152 cm), had enough to make the matching hat, and still had some left over. In the video tutorial, I explain that the reason I stopped short on this scarf was simply to match the colors at the ends... If you would like a longer scarf and want to make the complete set, you may want to start with the hat. If you want to make yours wider than the 6" (15 cm) shown, I can't guarantee if you'll have enough for the whole set.

crochet, free pattern, scarf, Faerie's Enchantment, Caron Cakes, Faerie Cake

Skill level:

Caron Cakes yarn or equivalent
-worsted weight (4) 80% acrylic, 20% wool; 7.1 oz / 200g per ball
Crochet hook size H/8 - 5.00 mm 
Yarn needle

In 4" x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm)
8 pattern stitches across (16 double crochet total)
8 rows

crochet, free pattern, scarf, Faerie's Enchantment, Caron Cakes, Faerie Cake

Chain-1 at beginning of rows does not count as a stitch.

Each row begins with chain-1, and a double crochet will be made in the first stitch.

Pattern is worked in multiples of 2; plus 2 (for beginning and end stitches)

Find a full video for this scarf here:

*Please check after the written pattern for an extra note about color changes!

(American terms)
Double crochet

Pattern stitch:
Double crochet cross stitch - Skip one, make a double crochet. Yarn over for a double crochet. Working behind the stitch just made, insert hook from front to back in the skipped stitch (or chain). Complete the double crochet while working behind the first stitch.


The version shown is worked with 10 pattern stitches across. To begin, chain 23. (That's 20 for the pattern stitches + 2 for the beginning and end stitches, and one more to make the beginning chain-1.)

Row 1:
Beginning in the second chain from the hook, make a double crochet. (Skip one chain, make a double crochet. Make a double crochet in the skipped chain) x10. Make a double crochet in the last available chain.
(22 stitches total)

Row 2 and all following rows:
Chain 1, turn. Make a double crochet in the first stitch. (Skip one, double crochet; double crochet in the skipped stitch) x10. Make a double crochet in the last available stitch.

Work to desired length; bind off and weave in ends.

*About those color changes: I let the magic of Caron Cakes happen on its own, and ended up with color changes in the middle of rows. To avoid the jog, you can cut and rejoin your yarn when you reach a new color in the Cake. Pull the new color through the last two loops of the last double crochet in the row.
Most of the colors change so subtly that it can't be noticed... But there's one spot between a bold and pastel tone that bugs me.

crochet, free pattern, scarf, Faerie's Enchantment, Caron Cakes, Faerie Cake

  Well, now I have the new camera and a dummy! All I have to do is learn to not dress the dummy in the same color as the pattern. And to use the right lens so I can get the whole project in the picture! I'm not happy with the photo, but I want to show this scarf worn in the "keyhole" fashion, just because I like it that way:

crochet, free pattern, scarf, Faerie's Enchantment, Caron Cakes, Faerie Cake

Happy Crocheting!

Monday, January 16, 2017


  I am a patient person. I wasn't always this way, and I owe my change all to crocheting. I used to fidget nonstop. I couldn't stand waiting somewhere like a doctor's office and would pace around waiting rooms. I would be screaming inside my head (and sometimes out loud) in slow traffic. Through crochet, I've found a way to focus my extra energy into something productive. When I'm not working on something, I'm thinking about a pattern. And thanks to a healthy yarn stash, I don't mind having to wait when I run out of yarn for a project... I just start another!

crochet, lace, top, panels

  Okay, so maybe that's not always the best cure. Although my couch is slowly reappearing from the WIP pile, I'm still starting new projects. But, wait! I promise I'm not starting anything I won't finish. When I ran out of yarn for The Kid's purple mystery, I picked up another project that I've been slowly working out. I decided I hated it and ripped the whole thing back, then started over with another design. While digging through the stash, I found two other colors of the yarn I'm using. Yay!

Plymouth, Dreambaby, 4 ply, fingering weight, yarn

  I began working out pieces that will make my new top, now planning to use all three colors. I think the bluish-green yarn goes well with the cream, and it goes well with the yellow. But after a few minutes of staring at it on the table, I just couldn't like all three colors together. Plus, this pattern is using a bunch of strips joined together. Won't striping the colors just make it more difficult to work out other sizes? As it is now, you could just insert an extra panel or two to increase the size. Ah, easy is better.

crochet, top, lace, panels

  In the end, I added color by using the cream for the seams between pieces. I gives a nice pinstripe effect without making a loud design of colors. (But you could also make this in all one color!) By using this reversible seam, the project looks great on both sides. I prefer the side that has a little texture over the flat side... What do you think?

crochet, lace, top, panels

  So, this top was originally started as another project for The Kid. After having her try it on, I realized that it would be way too small... I tried to get the size right by adding a few inches to what fit me. (She is blessed where I am cursed, and it makes fitting a bit difficult when she's not around.) Instead of ripping back all I had done, I kept working the project to fit me. When I turned the tables and ripped it back anyways, I guess I could have gone back to making something for her... Since I already have the fluffy purple thing on the hook for her, I don't think she'll mind the trade-off. And oh, would you look at that... I happened to find some purple yarn in the same weight while digging through that stash... Guess maybe I'll have to make her one after all. 😉

Loops & Threads, Woolike, purple

  Now, let's get past all this rambling and into the thoughts that inspired it... I've found myself waiting on many things this week. 1) Buying more yarn: Check. Yesterday I made the trip and bought the last three balls, so I can be sure I'll have enough to finish. And I stuck to the rules. Besides another pack of stitch markers, that's all I bought. 2) My new camera! As of when I stared this post, the tracking information said it would be here today... And just right now while I was writing, it finally showed up!

Canon Rebel T5, kit, accessories

  That only leaves 3) An adjustable dressform. I'm still waiting. It was ordered... Two weeks ago? And I'm still waiting. Instead of getting antsy over it, I keep crocheting. Thanks to electronic tracking, I know it's on its very, very slow way. Once I have it, I'll be able to design things without having The Kid here for sizing. Until then: If it fits me, then I have a new top. And I can use the dummy later to make her another... In purple, of course.

  Well, work got a little buried under the frenzy of un-boxing the new camera. I had planned on getting my top finished tonight, but now maybe I won't. I'm itching to play with my new toy. This pattern is still going faster than I thought, being made with fingering weight yarn and a smaller hook. The panels are worked in a quick-turning multiple of two, and I only have a few more to make for a size small. We'll see how it goes. On second thought, I think I'll play with the camera tomorrow. Just like other things, it can wait... As long as there's something else to do. And especially if that something happens to be

Happy Crocheting!

PS- Have one last photo from the old camera to say goodbye. There. See? The crochet is back on the table, and the new camera is in its box until tomorrow. I promise. Seriously. I have to wait for the battery to charge, anyways... It might be done by midnight.

crochet, lace top, Canon Powershot


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