Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Little Things

  For all the stress I've been through lately, it's about time I found something that really, truly made me happy. Well, I found two of them! And then there's this other little thing that just helps make me happier... In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'm giving thanks for the things that helped to brighten my mood.

  Let's start with that one little thing: I finished that giant plarn granny bag that I was working on. There's usually a big "yay" for finished projects, but this one only gets a *sigh*. It's done. And it's ugly as can be. But it's finished and usable, so it still creates a feeling of accomplishment.

plarn, crochet, bag, granny square

  'Nuff said about that ugly thing for now. Moving on to thing thing number one (that actually makes me happy): The HDML 1321 is Out of Jeopardy! Since taking interest in the salvage of the historic ship, I've been waiting for this great news. My friend Stella over at Purfylle has created an entire website where you can follow the dramatic rescue of the ship. Trust me: If you're in to action-drama stories, there's no need to purchase the next fiction! Just follow the true story of this ship, and you'll get a little history lesson while you're at it.

  And now: Drum roll please... It's that one thing that made me so happy that I jumped up and down while clapping my hands in excitement... It caused such a reaction from me that Rip van Winkle thought I'd lost my mind (of course, that's because he's clueless as to why this is so awesome)... It's possibly the best way to store your electrical extension cords! *Screech* WHAT? Just check this out and tell me if you can pick up on what this guy is doing:

  This video happened to roll across my tablet when I had let YouTube auto-play for a little too long. (You know that place, where you stop and wonder how you got there?) When I began jumping, clapping, and yes, even giggling, Rip asked me if I was okay. I pointed to the video. "Look! Look what he's doing!"

Of course, Rip responded with "rolling up an extension cord".

Me: No. No, no, no, he's not rolling it!

Him: "Okay...?" (And looking like he's trying to remember the number for 911 in case he needs it.)

Me: OMG, he's totally crocheting! He's crocheting a freaking extension cord to keep it from getting tangled! Do you think he knows that he's crocheting? Do you think other people know he's crocheting? Hold on, let me check the comments...


OMG somebody else totally knows that he's crocheting! Wait, he just used the term "chain". He totally knows he's crocheting!

Rip's response: "Okay, well, I'm gonna go to bed."

  As usual, it makes me happy and that's all that matters, right? DirtFarmerJay made my day with that video! I'm thankful for the smile, and I can't wait to see if I can crochet that mess of a 100-ft cord that Rip has tangled in a toolbox.

  Now... You didn't think I could go through a post about being thankful without hearing a big thank-you for yourself, did you? Of course, I'm always thankful for my readers! For those celebrating the holiday, I hope you have a happy, wonderful, safe Thanksgiving. I'd stick with the whole "don't eat too much turkey" theme, but we all know that's a lie. Everybody saves room for pie! 😋

  To all my readers: Thank you for coming back for more of my rambling about crochet and non-crochet related subjects. You're all awesome!

  One last thing I'm thankful for... Yams! That yummy, gooey, syrupy concoction that isn't really yams, but actually sweet potatoes. I hated them so much when I was a kid. Somewhere along the line, I learned to like more than just the sticky marshmallow that topped the dish. I discovered that they're pretty good with half the sugar the recipe calls for... That's great, considering there's a whole bag of marshmallows on top.

yams, candied yams, Thanksgiving

What? Just because I learned to like the sweet potato doesn't mean I'm going without my marshmallows. Mom always said "if you have to ask how many calories are in a serving, don't eat them."

Happy Crocheting!
And Happy Thanksgiving!
PS- Okay, I can't lie to you. There isn't really a whole bag of marshmallows on top. Some of them mysteriously got left out... Possibly stolen? Maybe borrowed... Okay, fine. The marshmallows insisted that I eat them. It was all their fault. But the entire bag isn't on top of the yams. Does that make this the low-calorie version?

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