Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Yarn Tales Tuesday

Catching Up

  If you stopped by to read the post for last week's Free Pattern Friday pattern, you know that I've been busy with my kid and a science fair project. I've been playing catch-up ever since. Catch-up with crochet, and catch up with my finances...Can you believe that kid spent $70 at the craft store for supplies? I mean, who needs $15 of glitter for a science project? And she wanted to buy the $32 pack of Sharpies...but I told her the regular pack was fine!

  Whatever...we had fun! Well, we got a little frustrated when the first experiments were a disaster in my kitchen (WATER EVERYWHERE!), but then we reorganized and got it to work. She decorated the board herself, glitter and all, Grandpa came to the rescue when my printer died, and she got it done in time! I wish I could show you some pictures, but she hasn't turned it in yet, and I don't know if that could disqualify her project, if it's pictured on the internet before she turns it in...I should have asked. But yeah, she made water float on water. Cool. And used lots of glitter. And yarn scraps!

  So, my apologies: Yarn Tales Tuesday has been a bit forgotten this week. The $70 for the science project fell back to back with a few of my larger bills, and I've been working my butt off doing +Guidecentral Guides to make some extra cash. The good news about that is, you can hop over there and see what I've been up to!
Click to see my Guides!

  There's a bunch of new crochet tutorials: The Puff stitch and its variations, post stitches, a granny triangle, and an apple crisp cake that will definitely clog your arteries, if you don't make the healthier version...And hopefully there's about to be more! (Crochet tutorials, that is; not artery-clogging cakes.) 

  If you promise to sign up and "like" my Guides, so I can make a little more cash, I'll let you in on a secret: (Okay, I'll tell you anyways.) Although the kid spent enough on her own, I also spent more money. I made up my mind to use a yarn sale and pick up some new stuff, and decided to stick to only yarns that I haven't used yet. Translation: Yarn Reviews coming!

  So, in total, $100 at the craft store. With sales. And coupons. There's that Bi-Polar Craftitis kicking in again...I think my kid has it, too. However, "they" always say you don't make money without spending some. (Who are "they", anyways?) And I apologize again, because I really don't like having to tell you to go check something out with another click, but...Well, I'm working my butt off here: Can you make a few extra clicks to get to gain awesome crochet skills? And then do a little typing to sign up, click "like this guide", and make me a few extra cents? It would help my wallet catch up, and it will help get you more free crochet patterns and tutorials! Please?

  P.S. I don't want to just shamelessly plug my own Guides; there's other Makers doing crochet Guides, along with an awesome variety of crafts and D.I.Y. projects. Click here to see the latest Guides from all the Makers in the community!

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