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Lovely Lace

  I love it when experiments work out in my favor! Today I have a little mini-lesson for you that contains a few different tips, like how to work this lovely lace stitch. But first, I'd like to share with you the story behind how I made one of my favorite mesh stitches into an even-more-delicate lace...   Rheumatoid arthritis is still doing its best to cripple these hands of mine, and there are days that holding an "average" size hook is difficult. When I can't close my fingers, I lose hold of the narrow hook and drop it continuously. But I crochet with more motion in my wrists than in my fingers, so I'd have no problem working if I could only keep hold of my hook!   Sure, a set of ergonomic hooks with big handles might solve the issue, but there's no room for that in the budget after the financial hits I've taken lately. While working on a (top-secret) two-strand afghan with a large plastic hook, I noticed that the bigger hook wasn't caus

Be Square Top - Part 4

  The previous tutorials showed you most of what you need to create your own Be Square Top. But, what if your creation isn't perfect? If it came out too small, there's not much you can do... Rip it out, or finish it and donate it. But if you followed my previous tip that bigger  is better , here's what you can do to make bigger fit better:   At first glance, I thought the issue here was in the armhole. But, wait! I tried it on already and it fit, so how is the armhole too big for the dummy? After some measuring and moving, I realized the problem is actually in the neckline. Because I have an extra-small top stretched over a size small form and the granny stitches around the bust aren't as stretchy as the taller V-stitches, there was some resistance. Instead of pulling the top down to where it would actually ride, I stopped pulling it when the neckline was where I thought it should be... So after getting that straightened out:   Notice how the shoulde

Forward Progress

  Ah, and here we are again after another sleepless night... Done with ripping back an entire skein , and back to an almost-completed panel blanket. Since this round of insomnia is keeping me up again, I'm glad to have a simple project like this to work on. And since I'm always terribly cold in the air conditioning, I'm also happy to have an afghan to work under  even though it's the middle of summer.   I'm starting to wonder if my current sleeplessness could be work-induced. Rip van Winkle has taken to sometimes sleeping in a chair to stop his snoring, and it leaves me with an empty bedroom and a ( sometimes ) quiet house at night. Unlike any other time of the day, the middle of the night is when I can just keep working with no interruptions... And it's kind of nice!   Once I decide that I've had enough of work for the night, it seems like I'm able to wind down quickly and go to sleep. But if I don't get tired of working, I don't ge