Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Perfect Home

  The Eye of the Emerald Mandala and it's matching coasters didn't stay in my house for very long. I really do love the design, but choosing to use white yarn in a project is always a bad idea for me. White anything is a bad idea around here... It usually ends up coming into contact with Rip's concrete dust and gets transformed into a not-so-lovely shade of grey. And then there's those times when he comes home with truck grease on him, and things just get destroyed.

  When my dad mentioned he liked the colors, I knew the set had found its perfect home. (Dad knows how to wash his hands when he gets dirty, so I know it's in a safe place now.😉) Sometimes I just get ideas I want to create, but maybe they don't really have a purpose yet. It makes me really happy when they find the right person or place  instead of being shoved in a box and forgotten.

Eye of the Emerald, gifting, doily, mandala, coasters, crochet, finished project

  It makes me even happier when I get pictures of my project being displayed in its perfect home. Some things get forgotten, but there are other projects that have left my hands that forever leave me wondering... What did they do with it? Is it still being used? (Especially when you give someone a wearable, but you never see them wearing it; Am I right?) Some of those things have been sold, so once they leave my hands it's none of my business and I might never see that person again, anyway. But those things that are gifted... It's extra-special to know that they're being used and treated well.

Eye of the Emerald, gifting, doily, mandala, coasters, crochet, finished project, phalaenopsis

  You know what's even better than that? It's when you get reminded of one of those forgotten projects, too. I was distracted at first, comparing how the green pairs nicely with the decor of the house and checking out the awesome blooms on that phalaenopsis... 

Sidetrack: Dad is a first-time orchid grower, and he got it to bloom the first year. With more than one spike. And like, perfect blooms. 😲

  Back to the subject: Check out what else is on the table. I see another creation of mine! It's those butterfly stitch doilies that will never be properly recreated because of a notebook-eating dog. I briefly considered trying to re-make the pattern again using the pictures I have of them, but there's a reason I've decided not to. 

Eye of the Emerald, gifting, doily, mandala, coasters, crochet, finished project, butterfly doilies

  Sort of like the same conclusion I came to with Mom's Afghan, I no longer think every project needs to be shared with the world. Maybe I'll share pictures of it with you, but you won't always get every pattern I create... Be it for free or at all. Sometimes I decide I've put too much work into something to let it go for nothing, but there's other times I just want a project to remain one-of-a-kind.

  Maybe it's me overthinking things (I usually do), but I sort of felt bullied into always sharing my patterns when I began designing. Not really "bullied"; perhaps more like pushed mentally, by myself. (Can you really bully yourself? Overthinking again.) Whatever the feeling... I'm trying to make a career out of this, and you don't make it by holding back.

  But you don't have to give it all away, either. You can exhaust yourself by never keeping a small piece of something just for you. And (overthinking some more) maybe that thing for "yourself" isn't in your possession; possibly you hardly ever see it and sometimes forget it exists until you see it again... But it's always a nice little "Ooo, I made that!" reminder that somebody enjoys that thing you made. It's even more special when you know that it's a one-of-a-kind thing that nobody else will ever have.

Happy Crocheting!

(And thanks for the pictures, Dad!)

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