Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Works in Progress

  Please, no more, lol! I made a goal to start completing more projects before picking up new ones, and I've been doing pretty good at it. Pretty good. I've finally finished sewing on all the flowers for Mom's Afghan, and all I need to do is wash it and get it to Dad. So now that my biggest project is out of the way, it gave me room to see the little projects I've been neglecting to finish.

crochet, WIP, work in progress

  Perhaps I shouldn't say it that way, because some of them see the light of day once in a while... And then there's that project that I started even though I shouldn't have, and I've been making pretty good progress on it. But there are others so neglected that I've forgotten them. Posting about them helps motivate me to get working again, so let's get a look at what I'm working (and not working) on:

crochet, plarn, rug
  The giant plarn rug I started with the kids' help... It's still growing, just like them. But without their help joining the plarn loops, progress has slowed. I ran out of bags for a while, but it didn't take long to stock them back up. I'm adding a few stripes of a lighter color to brighten it up, and it looks like I have enough material cut up to finish it. Is it big enough yet?

crochet, motif, snowflake
  Here's an awesome motif I started working on around the holidays... And I completely forgot about it until I found it under another project. I liked the design of the center of the Simple Snowflakes I created, and wanted to build on it to make a new interesting design. It's not an important project, because I was just playing around and didn't have anything planned for the square it would become. After finding it, I thought about scrapping the square idea and making it into a mandala.

crochet, bag, fabric scrap yarn
  This bag made of fabric scrap yarn is (almost) finished, but lacking the braided strap I still have to attach. It was supposed to be a free pattern. No excuses here, I just need to get it done. I lost the strap. I have to find it, or create a new one.

crochet, fabric scrap yarn, granny squares
  Another fabric scrap project! This is the one I wasn't supposed to start, because I had already made myself that promise... But you can hop over to my other blog and check out a post about a problem of mine, and you'll see why I was motivated to get moving!

crochet, doll, embroidery, ugly
  Lol, tell me honestly: Did that thing scare you a little? Meet The Troll's Ugly Girlfriend. (Well, her head, anyways...) She's something I've been keeping secret for a long time, because I wanted to share the pattern, but I quickly realized it's not an easy pattern to explain. This was started partly as a joke towards my embroidery skills, though the original idea (the body) was supposed to be a fairy. Knowing I wouldn't be able to create a decent-looking face with embroidery, I decided to embrace the ugliness of my stitching.

  That turned out to be the best idea ever! Instead of being discouraged by my poor skills, I had a ton of fun using my horrible embroidery to make her even more hideous. Lopsided eyes of "french knots" (wow, I'm bad at them) framed by puffy lids, a big bulbous nose using the same stitch, and a too-big, crooked smile of running stitches. I sewed the yarn tails over and over the same spot under the mouth to make a big, pointy chin. Adding some yarn bits to make sparse, ratty-looking hair completed my vision of what a troll's ugly girlfriend would look like. Now, all that's left is to attach the head to the body. That Troll has been acting up again, so maybe he needs a friend to play with.

  Since there's not much left to do on a few of these, I want to rush to finish them up. There's even more WIP's around here, and there's about to be one more... (Noooooo!) Even though I swore I would never take another special order, Big Bro sent me a picture of a cute elephant rug that somebody wanted, but he didn't know anything about the pattern. One search of "crocheted elephant rug" lead me to the pattern for the Josefina and Jeffery Elephant Rug (by Ira Rott) on Ravelry:

  I couldn't resist. In case that picture doesn't link back properly (I'm dealing with some errors), then you can click here to check out the pattern. And while you're distracted on Ravelry, I'll be placing the order for the yarn. As soon as it gets here, I'll be starting the project. *Sigh* There's that word again - start. I'm supposed to be finishing. But it's a cute pattern, I can always use the cash, and there's no "special" about this special order; they want it exactly how it is in the photo. All I have to do is follow someone else's pattern, and that should be a nice break from designing all the time. Plus, HOLY COW, I found someone willing to pay the price for a handmade without griping.

  So, I better get going and get to work on these WIP's! Even though that project is well within my skill level, it's pretty darn big. I have hopes of finishing it quickly because I won't be taking the usual time write down stitches while I work. But like I said, it's pretty darn big. We'll see how it goes!

Happy Crocheting! 

But wait... Hey, speaking of big projects... How did I write that whole post with only a tiny little mention of my biggest project? YAY! I FINALLY FINISHED MOM'S AFGHAN! It is a bittersweet finish, since Mom will never get to use it. But since this project has been part of my grieving process, it's a needed step in moving forward. I've decided to keep this exact pattern private, though I'll make some alterations to sell a different version. This way, Mom's Afghan will always be Mom's afghan, and nobody else will ever have it. But you can have a similar one someday. 

crochet, afghan, Mom's Afghan

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