Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Lost Crochet Files - 3

  Ooo, while I was going through my lost files, I found some heartfelt crochet goodness! I seem to have gone through a heart-making phase at some point. Some of these projects, I remember well. One in particular has left me stumped... But let's see if you think the same thing I thought when I dug up the photo.

  So I'll start with the ones I can explain and save the mystery for last. Since I started crocheting, I've searched for the perfect way to make a heart. In my years of experience, I've learned there isn't one. There just isn't ONE perfect way to crochet a heart. There's a million ways to crochet a heart, and it just depends on what kind you're looking for.

  This is probably one of the first patterns I tried... Sorry, it's some free pattern that I can't credit because it was years ago - So, thanks, random blogger lady! I'm pretty sure I found it on, but I just can't remember. Anyway, I crocheted a ton of these hearts and turned them into a garland that my daughter still has hanging above her bed.

Valentine's, crochet, hearts, rose, garland

  The rose is the classic "crochet, roll, and sew" rose... I was going to add those to the garland between the hearts, but they were too heavy. And it was probably more sewing than my beginner self wanted to do. I still wouldn't want to sew all those roses. That single rose got tied to a basket that I use at my desk, and it still reminds me of my beginning days in crochet - often looking up free patterns on my phone while crocheting at the laundry mat. More-experienced self wouldn't sew them onto a chain at all... Instead, more-experienced self would crochet all the pieces, then attach them as I work a chain. More-experienced self is now thinking of ripping off that garland pattern that beginner-self was too lazy to type up, so maybe it's a good thing that some of my patterns had to wait.

crochet, rose, roll and sew, 3D

  I know this next one, too! I eventually crocheted my own version of a heart for one of my first self-written patterns. It was a cute little purse for my daughter, and I think she still has it somewhere... Let me just look in her room... Ouch! Look out! What in the world? Okay, never mind. I know she has it in there, somewhere...

crochet, heart, purse

  Now that she's older, I bet that would still make a cute cell phone pouch around Valentine's Day. It would make a great makeup pouch too, except for the holes. I wasn't experienced enough to make a liner for this shaped bag, and it's not a sewing project that interests me in present time either. Although my crochet knowledge has greatly increased, I think it's possible that my sewing skills have become even worse. A heart shaped liner? Ha! I can barely sew something square.

crochet, heart, purse, liner

  Now let's get to that mystery... Oh, this should be fun! Obviously, it's keeping with the heart theme, but what in the world was I making here? I laughed when I found this. Like, fall out of the chair, roll on the floor laughed. I think it looks like a pair of thong panties.

No. Nooo. Absolutely no way!

  No, not in double strands of worsted weight acrylic yarn. Nooooooo. I might not remember what I was trying to create, but even this beginner knew better than to try to make that in good ole Red Heart Super Saver. And two strands for the -ahem- middle? Clearly, this has to be something else. Anyway, I know I've never tackled the project of trying to crochet myself some butt floss, so I know that's not what this is. But what in the world was I making?

crochet, thong, panties, heart

I'll probably never know...

Happy Crocheting!

(Psst... Find the answer to the mystery coming up in episode 5!)

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