Diagonal Textured Face Scrubby

  Washable face scrubbies are a great way to go green! So stop throwing those cotton pads and balls in the trash every time you remove your makeup and throw these in the wash instead. The Back Diagonal Shell stitch makes an amazing reversible texture with smooth, massaging bumps on one side, and a rougher nubby side that's great for some deep cleaning.

 With a diameter of 3" (7.5 cm), these reusable scrubbies are slightly larger than the average disposable facial pads. How many of you use those things and lose your grip? I'm always dropping mine on the floor. What a waste! The texture of these pads helps you get a grip and stop the garbage.

Add these reusable scrubbies to a gift basket with my other free crochet patterns!

Skill level:

Worsted (4) weight cotton yarn
-I'm using Peaches & Creme 4-ply cotton in Pastel Delight, which is unfortunately a discontinued colorway. (Sorry!)
Crochet hook size G/6 - 4.25 MM
Yarn needle or smaller hook to weave in ends
Stitch markers (optional)

Not important

A close up for gauge purposes

This pattern uses the Back Diagonal Stitch in the round, and the Back Diagonal Shell Stitch while increasing in the round. Check stitch definitions to make sure you are making your stitches in the correct places.

Follow pattern closely for beginning and ends of rounds. Stitch placement is extremely important. Use stitch markers, if needed.

See the end of the pattern for links to a photo tutorial and a video tutorial!

Stitches and abbreviations:
Magic Circle (You can also watch me make a magic circle in the first video for How to Crochet a Magic Angel.
Chain (ch)
Slip stitch (sl st)
Double crochet (dc)
Triple crochet (tr)

Back Diagonal Stitch (BD st) [For in the Magic Circle] - Make a triple crochet (in the circle). Working behind the triple crochet stitch: Make 3 double crochet. (See here for a tutorial showing you the original Back Diagonal Stitch)

Back Diagonal Shell Stitch (BD shell) [Increasing] - Skip one stitch, make a triple crochet in the next. Working behind the triple crochet: Make 3 double crochet in the skipped stitch.

A free crochet pattern


Begin with a Magic Circle. Closing ch of magic circle counts as part of beg ch.

Round 1:
Ch 2 (counts as beg dc / part of last BD shell). Make 2 BD shell sts in circle. Make 1 tr in circle ahead of the beg ch-2. Make 2 dc in circle before beg ch-2. Join with a sl st to beg ch-2. (12 sts total, 3 BD shell sts)

Round 2:*
Ch 3 (counts as beg dc). Make a tr in the stitch immediately after the beg ch-3. Working in the same st as beg ch-3: Make 2 dc after the beg ch-3. Make 5 BD shell sts around. Join with a sl st to beg ch-3. (24 sts total, 6 BD shell sts)

Round 3:
(Ch 1, sl st in the next st) 23 times. Ch 1, bind off. Join round by weaving tail through beg sl st.

Weave in ends.

Go green with reusabe face scrubbies!

  *As for the way the pattern was worked and written: Why not chain 4 for a beginning triple crochet, then make the double crochet stitches of the shell behind it?

  Because I didn't like it, that's why. (Lol.) You totally can begin the round like that! But... Then you'll be starting the round in a different place, which changes the texture. It also shows the increases more. And to top it all off, that one flimsy-looking chain for a diagonal stitch sticks out like a sore thumb. So, just make it my way, okay? Use stitch markers if you need them. You can check out the picture tutorial or the video for help.

Click the pic for a Guidecentral tutorial!

Click the pic for the free pattern to make the Scallop Seashell set pictured in this gift basket!

  And, last but certainly not least: GET THE VIDEO! Being only the second of my tutorial videos, it's not perfect. But give it a try and see what you think! Here's Part One:

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Happy Crocheting!


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