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March Scarf of the Month: Impeccably Twisted

  The Impeccably Twisted Scarf is... Well, impeccably twisted! This might be a slightly complicated pattern to understand, but only uses basic stitches. Look for a tutorial soon! The center is created in one long strip, then woven back and forth to create a Celtic knot-inspired twist. The first round of the border is then added to hold it all together. Finally, the last round of the border adds some shape along with another twist created by a simple technique.

  The end result is a scarf that is lacy on the outside and bulky on the inside. It's long enough to be wrapped multiple times for warmth, and pretty enough to be worn loosely as an accessory on warmer days. And did I mention that it's long? Finished size is 99" (251.5 cm) long by 5" (13 cm) wide.   

Skill level:

Loops and Threads Impeccable
  One skein of Tropical Storm colorway used 
Crochet hook size H/8 - 5.00MM or size need to obtain gauge
Stitch markers or safety pins (optional but recommended)
Yarn needle

In 4" by 4" (10 cm by 10 cm):
6 rows of 12 double crochet

Chain-3 at beginning of rows counts as a double crochet.

The pattern rotates to work into a post space in specific numbers of rows. Use stitch markers to mark turning chains and rows if needed.

For keeping the body of the scarf from twisting, use split ring stitch markers or safety pins to keep sections together. Otherwise, untwist and weave when you're finished... But trust me - use at least one pin for the beginning crossover.

Stitches and abbreviations:
Chain (ch)
Slip stitch (sl st)
Single crochet (sc)
Double crochet (dc)
Triple crochet (tr)

Special Technique for Round 2 of border: Pulling the chain through (Remove hook, insert hook in space, pick up dropped loop, pull through) - Remove the hook from the working loop, hold secure. Insert the hook in the designated space from front to back. Insert the hook back into the dropped loop, pull through as for a slip stitch.

Repeat (rep)
Space/s (sp/s)
Stitch (st)


Row 1:
Chain 4 to begin (counts as turning-ch + ch-1). Make 1 dc in the farthest ch from the hook. (2 dc)

Row 2:
Ch 3 (counts as dc), turn. Make 1 dc in the same space. Make 2 dc in the next dc. (4 dc)

Row 3:
Ch 3, turn. Make 1 dc in each of the remaining 3 dc. (4 dc)

Row 4:
Repeat Row 3.

Row 5:
Ch 3. Do not turn. Make 1 dc in the side post space of last dc made. (2 dc)

Rows 6 - 8:
Rep Rows 2 through 4.

Rows 9 - 115:
Rep Rows 5 through 8 (28) more times, or to desired length, ending on an even number of repeats. (30 sets of 4 rows, as written)

Row 116:
Ch 3. Do not turn. Make 1 dc in side post space of last dc made. (2 dc)

Row 117:
Rep Row 2.

Row 118:
Rep Row 3.

119 - 124:
Rep Rows 116 - 118. (From Row 116, there will be 2 sets of 3 rows.)

Rows 125 - 241:
Rep Rows 5 through 8 (29) times.

Rows 242 - 244:
Rep Rows 5 through 7. (3 rows)

Twisting the sections:
The strips should always face the same side up, not twisting. Beginning at Row 126: Cross Row 117 over Row 127. - There is nothing to hold the strips from untwisting at this point. You may want to pin the sections together as needed. The next set of 4 rows should cross under the opposite strip, so that the bottom 2 dc of the sets will meet. (Or, always cross the right side over the left side.) Continue crossing the sets so the beginning 2 dc of the sets meet. The last set of 3 rows (Rows 243 - 245) will join the beginning chain.

Row 117 crosses over Row 127.

Each section crosses over at the bottom 2 dc of sets.

Keep those sections flat! The sets are woven over and over without actually twisting.

Insert the hook through the bottom loop of the last st. Insert the hook in the beginning ch, sl st together.


Round 1:
Working in the round - Sl st in the space between sets. *Ch 6, (1 tr, ch 3, 1 tr) in ch-3 turning ch at the top of the set ("point"). [Ch 3, (1 tr, ch 3, 1 tr) ("V-st") in next ch-3 point] 29 times. Ch 6, sl st in space between sets. Ch 6, sl st in next ch-3 point. Ch 6, sl st in space between sets.* Rep from * to * around. Join with a sl st to beginning sl st.

The (1 tr, ch 3, 1 tr) makes the "V-stitch". The chains weave through this ch-3 space in the next round.

Round 2:
Sl st into ch-6 sp, ch 1 (counts as a sc). Make 9 sc in same sp. *Ch 2, Remove hook, insert hook in ch-3 sp of V-st. Pick up dropped loop, pull through. Ch 2, make 5 sc in next ch-3 sp.* Rep * to * 28 more times. Ch 2, remove hook, insert in ch-3 of last available V-st. Pick up dropped loop, pull through, ch 2. Make 10 sc in each of the next 4 ch-6 sps. Rep * to * 29 more times. Ch 2, remove hook, insert in ch-3 of last available V-st. Pick up dropped loop, pull through, ch 2. Make 10 sc in each of the remaining 3 ch-6 sps. Join with a sl st to beg ch-1.

Bind off, weave in ends.

  So as always, I tried to get a full shot of the scarf to show it's length. And not surprisingly, I still haven't grown. Here's my pathetic attempt at being tall:

  I figure if I don't show you, then it's just time wasted. At over eight feet long, this scarf can definitely be wrapped many times for more warmth. I think that makes it versatile enough to be worn from nippy fall mornings to frigid winter days, and travel with you for those chilly spring evenings.

Happy Crocheting! 

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