Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WBS Blanket Progress: Time to Go!

It's shipping day!

  To make a long story short, I finally finished the Granny Square Blanket for the World's Biggest Stocking. I'll have some assembly photos for you soon, but we're going to skip ahead a little for a fun day today. My other half is coming home early today so he can take me up to the post office, and I'm so happy to finally be shipping some blankets to the project! If I could drive right now, I'd already be on my way. But...

Here's me putting the final touches on the Granny Square Blanket this morning. Me, with my stupid leg with the stupid busted knee propped up. And the cat that thinks she's helping. No driving for me!

(And ya'll don't have to feel bad and do the whole sympathy thing because of it. It's my own fault for trying to pick up more weight than I should.)

Have sympathy for this, instead. Who knew cats could go from sleeping in a chair to flying onto a blanket in a split second? (Cat owners. All cat owners surely understand this.) I think Lucky's trying to tell me she's been feeling neglected through this project. She gets some treats, and I get to go wash this blanket... Like I needed more to do. 

Another pile of treats, and here's all the blankets ready to go! I wish I had more ready before the contest deadline, but hey... That's four chances at the $5,000 prize!

One last thing before I pack them up: Don't forget the form - My entries in the contest won't count without it! I finally got the printer working, and printed out an extra one in case I have any problems when I get to the post office. This is going to be a big package, but I have a plan...

  I'm waiting on the other half to come home to help. I was going to pack these babies into a vacuum sealed bag to save space when shipping, but my stupid vacuum quit along with my stupid knee. I think it's just clogged, but I can't carry it outside to clean it out. Arg! The black cloud hanging over this project continues to rain...

But at least we finally had a rain-free afternoon! Looks like some people on the coast saw a pretty good storm, but skies were clear for the mosquitoes to fly yesterday evening. Best wishes to those who aren't so lucky to be facing Tropical Storm/Depression Bill right now.

Happy Crocheting!

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