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Making the Dancing Dragonflies Scarf: Part One

Working up to the end of Round 2

  This is part one of a series of tutorials to make the Dancing Dragonflies Scarf (click here for written pattern). In this first post, we will work the foundation row, cover Row 1 of the Dragonfly Stitch, and complete Round 2. The Dragonfly Stitch is a modified Butterfly Stitch, worked over four rows. The two middle rows of the pattern stitch are worked the same, but the first and last rows are worked differently. If you find the written pattern difficult to understand, follow along to see how easy it can be.

  *As you see in the display photo, the original pattern is worked using White as the main color. In the tutorial photos, I'll be using Pale Yellow. I'll also be working a shortened version of the pattern, so I can finish taking all of the pictures in daylight (and so I don't have to stand on a chair). Depending on the speed you work and the amount of breaks you take, this scarf can be finished in less than a day. It just takes a lot longer when you have to put your work down to take pictures every few seconds, so I hope the short version isn't too confusing.

Stitches used in this tutorial:

Double crochet (dc)

Let's get started!

What you'll see me working with is a pattern of only two multiples. Beginners: Are you asking what a multiple is? Each Dragonfly Stitch requires 11 stitches to complete. Therefore, a multiple = 11 stitches. Get it? One Dragonfly Stitch = 11 stitches = 1 multiple. Since the multiple in the Dragonfly Stitch begins with chain 8, the foundation row requires one more stitch to make a place for the first double crochet stitch of the pattern.

To make the pattern as written with 20 multiples, you will make 221 foundation single crochet. If you need help with the fsc, please click the link under "stitches used" above. Forgive me for sending you to another link for this one, but as mentioned in the pattern, I have to work with over 100 photos to complete the tutorials. Go show me some love on Guidecentral, then come back here when you've got Row 1 done, okay?

Once you have your foundation row done, we will start Round 2. From here on, the pattern will be worked in the round. Ch 4 to count as the beginning dc and ch-1 corner space. Make 1 dc in the same stitch to close the corner. This double crochet stitch also counts as the beginning stitch before we begin working the multiples (the +1. of the pattern).

Round 2 will use the first row of the Dragonfly pattern stitch. To make the first multiple, ch 8.
*In the Butterfly Stitch, this would be a ch-10, and you would skip 10 stitches. This ch-8 will be shortened as we create the first "eye" in the next steps.

Count to the third chain away from the hook. Do not include the loop on the hook when counting. If you have trouble counting chains, you can also mark this stitch when you make the fifth chain of the ch-8.

Remove your hook from the working loop. Pull up extra slack if you want to; you can pull this loop tight again when you pick it back up. Insert the hook in the back loop only of the third chain from the hook.

Pick up the dropped working loop, pulling the stitch back to it's proper size. 

To make sure the chain isn't twisted: As you pull the slack out of the loop, the yarn should run over the front of the hook. If your stitch tightens from the back, you have the loop backwards.

Don't yarn over! Don't do anything but pull the working loop through the loop on the hook as for a slip stitch. (By the way: If, by chance, you haven't learned the popcorn stitch yet, this technique will come in handy when you do.)

Okay, let's speed up just a bit as we make the second "eye". Ch 4, remove the hook from the working loop. Count to the third chain away from the hook (not including the working loop). 

Insert the hook in the back loop only of the third chain from the hook. Pick up the working loop, pull out any slack. Pull this loop though as you did for the first "eye" in step 7.

To complete the multiple (closing the Dragonfly Stitch), chain 4, skip 10 fsc of the first row, make a double crochet in the 11th stitch.

Repeat steps 3 through 10 for each remaining multiple. (19 more, as the pattern is written.) The ending dc of the last multiple will also be the first dc of the corner space.

Chain 1, make a dc in the same stitch as the ending double crochet of the last multiple. This completes the second corner space.

Chain 2 to work around the edge. Make (1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc) in the opposite side of the same stitch. This makes the third corner space. The last dc of the corner space also counts as the first dc before we begin the next set of multiples (the +1. of the opposite side of pattern).

Repeat steps 3 through 10 for each multiple. (20 times as the pattern is written.) The ending dc of the last multiple will also count as the first double crochet of the corner.

To complete the corner: Chain 1, make 1 double crochet in the same stitch as the last double crochet of the multiple. This makes the fourth corner space.

Chain 2 to work around the edge. Join with a slip stitch to the third chain of the beginning ch-4. This completes Round 2!

Remember, the original pattern is 6 feet long! This is what 20 multiples will look like when finished.

Happy Crocheting!

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