Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New Pattern and a Bright Side

Wow - It seemed like some unseen force was trying to stop the progress of this pattern, but it's finally FINISHED! 

1-2-3 Beautiful Scarf, crochet, pattern, for sale, Ravelry, scarf, cowl, Caron Simply Soft, yarn

  I can't believe two whole months went by from the first post, Mess or Masterpiece. I asked for your opinions... Is it a neat design or a terrible idea? Most agreed that it wasn't the pattern; the color of the yarn was the problem. So, I finally decided on the right yarn, made it in a solid color, and was satisfied enough to start creating charts and directions... But then life kinda fell apart.

  The cover was blown on my super-secret project when my car broke down. The good sides to that situation: It forced me to get my truck back on the road, and it gave me an idea to help fight the algorithm change. Sorry that my rant to Ford made its way onto a crochet blog. I'm working on another(?) blog that will be the proper place for such things in the future.

  Frantically working to get the truck road-worthy made me realize that I've been missing a part of my life. It later registered that I am a very diverse person and the world is missing out on so many things I have to say because I limit myself to family-friendly, craft-oriented blogs... And yes, I said blogs, because I already have another. However, I will be deleting that "random craft" blog because it's horribly neglected. Perhaps when I complete a craft once a year, I can just share it here.

  As for the other parts of me: Some of those might involve four-letter-words and middle fingers because I swear the morons all come out whenever I drive. (Wait, maybe they're always out there...) But seriously, I need a place to scream "stop passing people on a double yellow line in a blind curve, you idiots!"; I crave a following where somebody might have heard my favorite metal bands/songs; I think I saw Bigfoot when I was a kid - That's an interesting story nobody really wants to hear (lol); there's a lot of good reasons to share why I won't work with electricity; sometimes I want to talk about the latest politics; will I find others who laugh at the whisper of "Chicken Permission"? It doesn't always have to involve profanity and insults, but I know there's so much that just doesn't belong here.

Chicken Permission, Rob Dyke, YouTube, mug, merch

  Crochet, yarn, and trips to the craft store are still very much a part of my disparate life! This blog is here to stay. So I'll ask of you: Please show me the same respect I've shown you by keeping the "family-unfriendly" out of this blog... If the material isn't for you, then you're welcome to come back to the land of yarn where it will now be free of my complaining about car parts. Or if you already know it won't be your cup of tea, don't go there at all. But, don't think you're getting away that easy! You'll still get rants about how the local Michaels never has buttons. I promise there just won't be any middle fingers or Meshuggah here.

  So with all that figured out, it was time to get to work on the pattern... Oh, but wait, then I got sick. Finished with the creation of the scarf but stumped for a name, I reached out for help again. My mind flip-flopped through the awesome ideas that readers were sharing. Something stuck out to me. The most common word used in the comments: Beautiful. Well, it made me decide on part of the title, but then what?

  Then, I skipped the Granny-Spiration Challenge when Dad was put in the ICU with pneumonia. Just when it looked like he would get to go home, the doctors came back with what sounded like scary news. Each day as I visited him, I worked on another scarf. (Eventually I made a cowl, too.) Besides the rainbow of colors filling my bag, there's another bright side here: After a minor surgery and a quick recovery, he seems to be doing better than ever. Pneumonia really might have saved his life, and Anderson is happy to have him home.

cats, white, Anderson, kitty

  I had a chance to peruse the comments again and consider a name for the scarf. It all came together with a suggestion about the stitch count... There's only three numbers in the whole pattern. One, two, and three; plus it's done in just one, two, three rows/rounds! With things slowly getting back to normal, I was able to put the finishing touches on the PDF for the pattern. The 1-2-3 Beautiful Scarf got a less elegant name than I expected, but I think it has enough character to speak for itself without a fancy title. Thank you so much to all of you who commented. Without you, this would still just be "Scarf #1"!

1-2-3 Beautiful Scarf, crochet, pattern, for sale, Ravelry, scarf, cowl, Caron Simply Soft, yarn

  Sometimes it takes awhile to shine through, and there's times you're not looking hard enough to see it yet. There is almost always a bright side to the stresses in life. I'm going to work more often on for-sale patterns until I can make more than pennies a day again... But I really like the idea of giving you all chances to get them for free, too. If you missed out on this one, there will be more in the future. It's the most I can do to say "thank you" to all my readers. When I wrote in a post that you can help support the bloggers you like just by turning off your ad-blocker, I saw what you did there; you listened. 😉 80% of you listened, and it helped a lot. Thank you.

Now, let's see if I can figure this out!

If you're interested in purchasing the pattern for the 1-2-3 Beautiful Scarf, you can find it on Ravelry -OR- If this works right, you should be able to buy it right here without being a Ravelry member! (No guarantees it's going to work; this is my first time doing this.) Click the "buy now" button:

Happy Crocheting!

1-2-3 Beautiful Scarf, crochet, pattern, for sale, Ravelry, scarf, cowl, Caron Simply Soft, yarn

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