Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mmm, Cotton Cakes!

Caron Cotton Cakes, cotton, acrylic, blend, yarn, new

  Such a yummy find today! So, I had to go yarn shopping. And when I say "had to", I mean it; I swear! I ran out of the yarn I was using to join the pieces of a work in progress, plus I have a neglected WIP that's also been awaiting the purchase of yarn. As always, you know I have to look for any new yarns that may be on display. (It doesn't mean I have to buy them, right?) The find of the trip: Deliciously soft Caron Cotton Cakes.

Caron Cotton Cakes, cotton, acrylic, blend, yarn, new

  And just because I don't have to buy them doesn't mean I can't buy them, right? Because I totally bought some. After all, No self-respecting crochet blogger would pass up the chance to shout about an awesome new yarn, right? And yes, if you were in the local Michaels, I was the one that was loudly exclaiming "COTTON CAKES? LOOK, IT'S CARON CAKES IN COTTON! CARON CAKES MADE COTTON! OMG IT'S SOOOOOOO SOFT!"... Thanks for looking the other way and understanding my yarn addiction instead of calling the Funny Farm to come get me.

Caron Cotton Cakes, cotton, acrylic, blend, yarn, new

  Anyway, enough silliness about the shopping trip. Let's get to the yarn itself: Cotton Cakes comes in 3.5 oz / 100 g balls; approximately 211 yds / 193 m. Unlike its part-wool big sister Cakes, Cotton Cakes is acrylic blended with... Yup, cotton. Although the label claims to be a worsted weight / 4, it feels much closer to a DK yarn.

Caron Cotton Cakes, cotton, acrylic, blend, yarn, new

  Available in colors similar to the original Cakes, my eyes almost dismissed this yarn for smaller balls of its big Sis. There was a display of Cakes across the aisle from the Cotton Cakes, and I was wondering "why would they put two displays across from each other like that?", then I saw that word: COTTON. So don't go shopping on autopilot, or you might just miss it!

Caron Cotton Cakes, cotton, acrylic, blend, yarn, new

  But no, I didn't miss it. Two balls of Caron Cotton Cakes ended up in my arms, and are now in the stash I'm trying to reduce. Part of me wants to recreate the Be Square Top with it, because wool is just too warm for Florida. The rest of me wants to make something fresh with the new yarn. And if there's anything left of me between "part" and "the rest", it will keep me from starting a new project until all other WIP's are finished.

  What, you laugh and doubt me? (Well, you probably know me, then.) I promise, it hasn't touched the hook yet. As for that little tail that kinda sort-of popped out for me to take a picture, I stuffed it back in so it wouldn't tempt me. Believe me, it's calling... But I have a lot of work to do on the latest WIP on the hook; it's the whole reason I went yarn shopping to begin with. And do I have a story for you about that one! I'll tell it another day, though. For now, I'll leave you with

Happy Crocheting!

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