Friday, March 24, 2017

One Down...

  Arg! I seriously need to do something about my internet speed. One of my goals when getting the new camera was to concentrate on making more videos, and I've been sticking to it. But when you combine might-as-well-be-dial-up speeds with the only format my camera records in (.mov), you get the worst uploading time ever. One video down, a bunch more to go...

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  I've had many requests for a video to make plarn, and I've finally succeeded in getting them done. To make it easier for crafters to find what they're looking for, I've split these into two separate tutorials: The one available now is for the spiral-cut method. It's a little more detailed and  a longer video, so I thought I'd get that one worked out first. (Psst... You can use this method to create t-shirt yarn, too.)

Now the short video for the loop-method will be a quick job, right?

  Wrong. I hit "upload" at that time of day when my internet company provides me with slower speeds so everyone else can have their share of the web... Something I've never understood. I pay for a connection that's supposed to be a certain speed. Why do I start experiencing "interruptions" because I'm using it more than others? It's mine and I want it all! Seriously, I need someone to explain that one to me.

rants, tutorial, video, how to, make plarn, plastic yarn, recycle, plastic bags, YouTube

  I get the .MOV problem, though - It's not a compressed file, so it takes longer to upload. It takes about nine hours for me to convert a 10-minute video into an MP4, which horribly reduces the quality. Then, it takes another five hours to upload the compressed version to YouTube. For now, I'm just fighting with uploading the raw files.

  Making the video is getting easier with each one I do. Can you believe I would actually get nervous and start shaking just because I'm talking to a camera? I'm getting over that and learning how to improve my tutorials. And I'm learning how to edit them better so I can include more information. But the one thing I haven't gained knowledge to is: "How can I improve my YouTube uploading speed without paying for a better connection?"

  Google that phrase and you'll be directed to the program that's supposed to help... The program I downloaded, spent hours learning, and discovered it takes nine hours to convert a file into a format that ruins the quality and still takes hours to upload. *SIGH* Seems like less work to just wait for the .MOV to upload. Anyone have a better idea?

Okay, thanks for listening. I just needed to get that off my mind. Now here, have a video:

Happy Crocheting!


  1. Don't worry, I never even made a video, so to me this is fantastic!
    The only thing I'm asking myself now is ,what are you going to make with the plarn? :-)
    Have a great weekend, Sigrid

    1. Thanks, Sigrid!
      LOL, what I made with the plarn was a disaster. You can see the beginning here:
      The rest of the process went downhill from there. Part of the project didn't harden up before I melted through it, and I could't get the edges to curl as they should be. Oh well... I'll be cutting wider material to try again and if it doesn't work, then all this plarn will become a new floor mat.
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!

  2. Dear Jenny,
    I'm absolutely helpless when it comes to technical things that have to do with computers and programms. So I cannot give you any advice here.
    Haven't had time to watch the video either - has been two horrible busy yesterday and the day before, driving down to Belgium, attending the funeral of my granddad and returning home late yesterday. Still feel groggy and down, but I'll have a look later.
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Oh, poor Marjan! First a migraine, now this? Don't worry about that video and get some rest if you can... It's just for making plarn anyway. Won't do you much good in your bag-free country. :)
      I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you can have a peaceful weekend.


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