Monday, February 13, 2017

Sometimes I Just...

  2017 was supposed to be focused more on free patterns and tutorials. But sometimes, I just need to vent. (Warning: I'll be doing that here.) Sometimes I just need a break. And sometimes, I just feel like I'm going to lose my mind. I've been working hard to get the last of the tutorials for the Make it Your Way Top finished, but sometimes I just have to walk away from the computer and forget that there's 500 more photos to sort and edit. (I'm finally down to 163.) Sometimes, I just need to start a new project to get my mind off all the other projects I'm not finishing.

crochet, granny squares, WIP, work in progress

  It's only sometimes. But that's how my couch got full of WIP's. And I still want to start more! Oh, c'mon brain, give me a break. C'mon reason, kick in and make me stop this insanity. Of all the times I've been told I'm an intelligent person, I feel like an idiot when I know I have too many things already and I start something else. Sometimes, I just wish life could be easier... Don't we all?

crochet, WIP, work in progress, organizing

Sometimes I just want to play with new yarn... Okay, so that's an irresponsible choice to make when I still can't see the couch.

Sometimes I just can't work out a stitch count or shape... Working on something else helps me go back to it with a fresh mind. 

Sometimes I just need to make some money, so I take in a special order... I won't feel bad about that because then it's work. (Well, most of my projects are work, but ads on free patterns don't make me enough money to survive on my own.) Plus, I actually finish those because I want my money. 😉

And sometimes, I just need an excuse to do something other than laundry.

  That is the thing that is going (?) to make me lose my mind now. Rip van Winkle has (maybe) learned his lesson about avoiding the doctor, but I'm still doing load after load (after load) of laundry. I think I've never mentioned that I make my own laundry soap... It's gentle on yarn, my skin, and our budget. I make about 6 month's worth of my own powdered soap for about $6. And lately I've been using that amount in only one month.

(Does that mean I'm really doing 6 months of laundry in a month? No, just 3, because I've been doubling up on the soap I'm using.) 

  So as men (sometimes usually) go, he's not doing a darn thing to help himself while I'm doing all the work to get him better and save myself from catching his super-bug. Scratch the infection then lean on the dinner table? Sure! Somebody else will disinfect it for you... Leave your pus-soaked laundry sitting around random places in the house it shouldn't even be in the first place? Hey, what's laundry, anyway? Sorry, but I'm getting to be bitter over this.

Sometimes, I just want to scream the F-word. Loudly and repeatedly.

  Maybe what I should have said was that my ever-loving husband is about to make me lose my mind. Don't get me wrong... I don't mean to sound insensitive when he's facing a life-threatening MRSA infection, but he's not doing a darn thing to stop it. And it doesn't seem to hold him back until he has to clean up after himself. I caught him picking at the infection, then scratching his belly without washing his hands. Two days later, he developed what looks like (and most likely is) staph on his belly. Now it's spreading to his back, too. I told him if he didn't quit, I was going to make him do his own laundry if he wasn't dead... He told me to stop worrying about it so much.

Sometimes, I just give up.

  But how can you give up completely when you're trying to save yourself, too? You can't. When others won't lift a finger for themselves, then I stop feeling sorry for them. But I won't give up on trying to stop myself from contracting this. I just keep following him around with my spray bottle full of essential oils while sometimes catching a glimpse at that WIP-covered couch... Actually hoping I could pick up that project I discarded because I hated it... Finally thinking about where I went wrong on the shaping of my circle vest... Wanting to complete that blanket I was so close to finishing... And not being able to do much other than keep cleaning.

crochet, WIP, work in progress, rectangle jacket

Sometimes, I just want to crochet and forget the world exists.

  There is strength to be found in that "I did it" feeling of finishing a project. There is courage in trying a new stitch or method. I need them both right now. There is energy and excitement in working with that new yarn. I could use a little. (Energy that is, not more yarn.) There is only persistence to be found in that next load of laundry... I already have enough of that and I don't need more unless it's applied to uncovering my couch.

  Okay, I'm done ranting. Thank you so much for listening. I used to hate writing about my personal life, but sometimes I just feel better when I can spew about a problem. Thank you for being here. This situation has greatly reduced the amount of time I can spend online, and I've been missing a lot of posts and projects from my friends and fellow bloggers. I hope that whether or not I can find my couch (and sanity) again, that you all continue with

Happy Crocheting!

PS - Lately, any free time at all is spent learning with the new camera. Sometimes I just have to take a kitty pic for you.

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  1. Hi pretty kitty *meow*

    I don't know why men are so lax with personal hygiene, is it something they teach them in school? You're allowed to get annoyed at that I think.

    As for the couch WIP-stash I have implemented a limit of 3 in the lounge at any given time. Everything else has to be put away. This is helping me to finish stuff because my innate laziness kicks in and I am less likely to pick up new yarn to start a new project if I have to go and get said yarn and if I want to work on a different WIP I also have to go and get it therefore I am more likely to work with what is to hand. (she says counting the WIP's next to her on the couch at this very moment, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7....ummmm. Does it count that more then half of those evolved out of the same project? )

    1. A project that came from a project? I'd count it as just one ;)
      I've decided to never make plans other than to "do something about it". Every time I put something away, I either forget about it or get it right back out. The "no new projects" plan didn't work. The storage bins have overflowed. I have at least succeeded in getting rid of things I'll never finish. If I ever get my desk/office, then I'll have a place for everything, and maybe be able to focus better.

      I don't think men learn hygiene until the army... And he didn't serve, so he never learned it. It's unreal how many guys I know that can't cut their own fingernails or fold a shirt. They are the same ones that think they're smarter than me just because I'm "a girl". At least (unlike my first husband), I don't have to fight with him to brush his teeth.

  2. ARGH! MEN!!! Just remembered how often I appealed to the patient's conscience (and to that of their relatives) and had to see they simply didn't care or didn't want to understand. Glad I no longer need to fret about that anymore.
    And as to WIPs/UFOs? Thank heaven you cannot have a look around the living room right now. Still filled with the stuff out of the basement and plenty of yarn, WIPs, UFOs and finished things on top of it. Just to imagine that one day the basement will be reconstructed and everything has to be (re-)moved... I'm off doing some crochet, makes me feel better!
    Take it easy!

    1. Men are always "tough" until that toughness takes them down... Then they turn into toddlers that need to be fed and clothed. I know they're not all that way... I just haven't found one that can prove it.
      The doc wanted to admit him to the hospital. Rip jerked a thumb my way and said "she'll take care of me". So glad he has such confidence in my (lack of) medical training. Perhaps he is better off in my care... It would have helped if the first doc hadn't prescribed him the exact antibiotic that MRSA is resistant to.

      Sometimes I wonder if every crocheter has a little corner (or more) that they're embarrassed about. But if I *could* have a look around your home knowing the disaster you faced, I'd smile and say "good job" for saving the yarn!
      Enjoy your crocheting!

  3. I love kitty pics! Post more :) They make you happy. My cat Shiloh makes it on my blog quite often.
    My take on pictures... I usually take about a million, but I try my best to upload by section/part/step so I don't get overwhelmed and frustrated with the vast amount. I also save try to save in the order they belong, and if I have a similar picture I might label it as 19B or 22C. Then, I go back again. It's easier to sort and get rid of when they're side by side.
    Good luck! Be careful - MRSA and Staph infections are nothing to play around with.
    PS Please finish that purple vest! I love how it's coming, and want to make my own! :)

    1. Thanks, Alexandra! I may have to share a how-to before I make a pattern available; I haven't been writing one because I have difficulty working out the variations for other sizes. (Plus, the finished project is being kept secret from The Kid.)
      I took way too many photos for the latest tutorial! I usually use a similar system to keep them organized, but things have gotten out of hand lately. Having less time with the extra photos is overwhelming, but it's getting there.
      There shall be more kitty pics! This kitty that never poses for a picture is very curious about the sound the DSLR makes. It's turning out to be great practice with the new camera. :)

  4. Poor you! I hope your husband gets better soon, just for your peace of mind.
    About the wip's, I have the same problem, don't worry. There's even a wip from more than a year ago on the bookshelves here ( and considering I cleaned up the book case a month ago, I still put it aside...).
    I understand that it's sometimes tough and I really hope everything will turn out okay for you, so that you can get some rest.
    The picture of your cat is just gorgeous!! Love it!
    Big hug, Sigrid

    1. Hugs back! And thank you, Sigrid.
      I had a feeling that many crocheters would understand the WIP problem! I thought about writing a book about it someday, but I'll probably pick up another project instead. ;)
      I'm glad you enjoyed the kitty pic. Had to put something nice in there after all my complaining.
      Have a great day! :)


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