Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Late Valentine Video

  Things are still hectic around here, so I just wanted to pop in to share the latest video! I haven't had much luck with getting a usable video out of the new camera, but I finally succeeded with a short tutorial for my Confetti Hearts.

  I had hoped to have it available early this morning, but ended up running into YouTube's mysterious 500 error most of the day. Since it got to be a little late, I decided to cut the Valentine's Day message I had added to it. (So, happy "late" Valentine's Day!) While I was waiting for the issue to be resolved, I started playing around with the video editor and learned some things. The changes I've made to my video format are subtle (I think). But I hope they help to make my videos even better, just like the new camera.

  I have quite a few videos planned because of requests! So if you're one of those who are waiting, I apologize for the delay. I'm usually pretty quick at learning my new toys, but this one's proving to be more of a challenge than I thought it would be.

Happy Crocheting!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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