Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Late Valentine Video

  Things are still hectic around here, so I just wanted to pop in to share the latest video! I haven't had much luck with getting a usable video out of the new camera, but I finally succeeded with a short tutorial for my Confetti Hearts.

  I had hoped to have it available early this morning, but ended up running into YouTube's mysterious 500 error most of the day. Since it got to be a little late, I decided to cut the Valentine's Day message I had added to it. (So, happy "late" Valentine's Day!) While I was waiting for the issue to be resolved, I started playing around with the video editor and learned some things. The changes I've made to my video format are subtle (I think). But I hope they help to make my videos even better, just like the new camera.

  I have quite a few videos planned because of requests! So if you're one of those who are waiting, I apologize for the delay. I'm usually pretty quick at learning my new toys, but this one's proving to be more of a challenge than I thought it would be.

Happy Crocheting!
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Nice! and no worries about your delay. Sounds familiar ;-). cheers, Mariam

  2. Oh yes, I did enjoy the video!! It was great: I had a good laugh at the suspense you made around the glove before showing your hand (lucky you it wasn't blue as those we had in hospital!).
    Do take care you do not catch Rip's staphs! You'll probably have some pretty agressive disinfection solution to home already (which is most probably pretty horrible to your skin), but you'll need it. Actually hand disinfection is not as bad to your skin as frequent washing is, because there are lipid balancing components in those solutions. Sorry - once a nurse, always a nurse...
    Have a great day,

    1. Don't be sorry, Marjan! I'll always take some great advice from a nurse. I have been over-washing my hands, and I'm sure that drying out my skin isn't helping to protect it. It's mental at this point, and I know that's bad - Can't help but wash after I touch anything.
      The gloves do help to stop that. Perhaps I should wear them on both hands till this is over... I'm glad I was able to give you a laugh over it!

    2. Hi Jenny,
      if your skin is dry: PUT CREAM ON!!! Dry skin has quite a lot of the smallest lesions and where the barriers are down, bugs can come in... Wearing the gloves all day is no good either. Your skin will soak in them, and macerated skin has it's barriers down too... So you'll better disinfect your hands over and over again whenever you feel like (take approx. 3-5 ml of the solution and rub for at least 30 sec.) and that'll be more helpful for your skin as well as against the bugs. (I did like being a nurse - still am really, if not employed as one).
      Take care, but do enjoy the day,

    3. Thank you so much, Marjan! I will do that.
      The doctors haven't been much help - And what's worse, they're not really doctors. It's a long story, but his case is under workman's comp, so they're having him go to the urgent care center where you only see a physician's assistant. I think the people are incompetent... He went back today and they sent him home with another round of the same antibiotics. It's getting scary and I appreciate the advice.

      I've been doing research about natural cures and found things with actual evidence to back it up. With the results I found on using oil of oregano and black seed oil, I don't know why docs prescribe antibiotics at all for staph... Oh wait, it's cheaper than all the prescriptions that aren't working ;)
      I usually hate doctors, but I always love nurses. You're the best.
      Have a great day yourself!


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