Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Video Tutorial for a Scarf

  My camera hasn't been doing much better than a potato, but it looks like I'm on my way to becoming a YouTuber. (Pun intended for those who catch it.) Even though I'm able to get a halfway decent video out of it, this problem is once again holding me back from getting good photos for the written pattern. So, I'm stuck stuck with pictures like these:

free pattern, crochet, scarf, Caron Cakes, Faerie Cake, video, tutorial

There's two other reasons I'm starting to do more videos:
1) While I was sick I tried working on things that are behind, but I couldn't make sense of my chicken-scratch notes to turn anything into a written pattern. Listening and watching the video is helping me put all the information together. I think it's a method I'd like to adopt... I have five paper notebooks full of patterns. That's a lot of trees I could save.

2) I've discovered that I actually like making videos, and I'd like to continue making more. Except... I'd love to make them better. At least my camera is taking higher quality video than pictures, but there's still a big problem with it. I hope you all don't mind that I'm using my videos as an opportunity to beg for donations. I am going to be able to afford a better camera, plus I found it available as a package with different lenses, a tripod, and spare batteries. But when I found out that lighting equipment was going to be almost as expensive as the camera package, I lost hope. I'm sure I'll still be able to make good videos without it, but if I can get some help I'll be able to make awesome videos for you.
*cough* donate button *cough* in the sidebar *cough*

😉Hmm, seems like I'm still feeling that cold...😉Anyways, please help if you can. And if you can't, then please still enjoy the video. 

  This tutorial will teach you how to begin the double crochet cross stitch, work in rows, measure for your gauge, and all the way to binding off and weaving in the ends. Follow along to create the scarf I've made, or use my instructions to adjust the multiple for any kind of project. You'll find notes between sections of the video that include materials and stitch instructions to help you stay on track- These are a good place to pause the video if you need. And don't worry: I've tried to keep it as tasteful as possible and save the begging for money until the end. 😥

PS- My scarf is made with Caron Cakes yarn, color Faerie Cake. A size H/8 - 5.00mm hook was used. You could use the instructions in the video to work this stitch in any weight yarn or thread. I'll get that written pattern done eventually, but I hope this helps for now.

Happy Crocheting! 

free pattern, crochet, scarf, Caron Cakes, Faerie Cake


  1. I found this crochet pattern for a lady body form, and thought of you. I remember reading a few posts ago about how you didn't like being in the pictures (I think). Lol. Anywho, thought of it again after reading your latest post. I have a dress form from Hobby Lobby. They are fantastic to put your item on, and pose somewhere nice - I use a textured wall outside my house. Lighting is great during the day. Just a thought :)


    1. Oh, that is so cool! I just ordered a dress form and I'm still waiting on it, but I'm still gonna give that pattern a go. Thanks for remembering!

  2. YOU HAVE TO STOP TEMPTING ME! I've just finished bauble N°42 and I definintely HAVE to make a few more in that newest green combination. Afterwards I have to try to figure out how I made that popcorn scarf. So: I CANNOT MAKE THIS ONE YET!!!!
    Have a lovely day though ;-)
    P.S.: Frankly said: your videos are the only ones I've ever watched and I like them.

    1. Marjan, RELAX! The video/pattern will be there when you do have time, lol. I know it can be tempting, but just remember those pictures of what my couch looks like after I started too many projects! ;)
      Thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU for liking my videos. And thank you for your donation, too.
      I hope you have a wonderful, bauble-y, "spit it out"-free day! :)

    2. Do you have the pattern written for this scarf? If so, How do I find it?

    3. I'm sorry I forgot to add a link once the pattern was finished! Here you go: https://crochetistheway.blogspot.com/2017/01/faeries-enchantment-scarf.html?m=1


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