Monday, December 19, 2016

Sick Days

  In the past few weeks, it seems like everybody has had a "touch" of something, so I'm sorry if you're sick, too. I didn't just get a "touch" from that something... This time it knocked me out with a right hook, kicked me while I was down, dumped me in the gutter, and then a stray dog showed up and lifted its leg on me while I was in the mud. The garbage company came by a short time later, mistook me for some junk, and hauled me off to the local landfill.

Anybody else feel that way lately?

  So I've had Dan Bell videos playing nonstop between the fever dreams and teeth-jarring shivering. (He always makes me feel better.) When I've been able to pull myself out of my semi-unconscious state, I've been crocheting. Bloggers don't get paid sick days! (Wait, anybody know how we can get that?) This all started the day after I began filming a video for my latest project, which of course, means that task is now on hold. C'mon, paid sick days!

crochet, hat, scarf, lace, Caron Cakes

  I always feel so unproductive if I'm not working on something or at least doing laundry. Don't tell anybody about that load that's been left in the dryer for two days now! I feel even more unproductive if the project I'm working on gets put to a stop by reasons out of my control. Obviously, speaking of crochet there... I see no reason why Rip van Winkle can't walk his own butt out to the laundry shed to get his own pants, especially when he's the one that got me sick. Even on my (exaggerated) death bed, I'm feeling useless since I haven't met the deadline I set for myself.

crochet, scarf, Caron Cakes, double crochet cross stitch

  But wait! Are you kidding me? That must be the fever rotting my brain... How in the world can one feel so worthless when so much work has been done? Simple: None of it is done. It's all a start, though, so I suppose I should feel a little better about not getting out of my recliner unless I have to. At least I've managed to keep the cats and Rip fed. And the extra patterns I started are all a head start on something.

crochet, hat, Caron Cakes, double crochet cross stitch

  However, it all got me thinking in that overthinking way of mine, and I think I may have stumbled across a theory with some evidence to back it up: Maybe having a house full of works in progress isn't healthy for your mental heath. Sure, it's fun to start that new scarf with that new yarn! We all know it. But when you realize that you haven't seen part of your couch in over a month because none of your work ever gets finished (I'm always burying a WIP with another WIP), maybe it starts to feel like a pile of uselessness staring you in the face.

crochet, WIP's work in progress, clutter

  Or maybe I'm all wrong and that's just the fever talking... It may be possible that I shouldn't allow myself to think at all in this state. I do know one thing for sure: That pile of WIP's on my couch is now buried under a string of tangled lights, some stuff that Rip was supposed to take to work, and the blankets he threw there after he was over being sick. Now it just looks like holy crap, how long has it been since you cleaned your house?... But I do clean. Just not the couch. Or that one corner we won't even talk about... Sigh, this happens all the time.

  It all starts with me putting a few things in a place, and it becomes a little cluttered-looking. Then I guess Rip feels like he should add to the mess. It makes me get so frustrated that he's adding to the stuff that I'm (usually) trying to organize, so I just ignore it instead. Pretty soon, it becomes so bad that you could hide a dead body under there. And it all leads to rambling posts that get me thinking clutter is as contagious as this cold. But the virus that is clutter can spread to your brain, too.

crochet, expanding lace, Red Heart Super Saver

  If you are overjoyed at the sight of your pile of projects, then please don't change. For the rest of us, I think it's time to clean up and finish some things. A lot of people in the knit/crochet world act like it's kinda cute that you started another one, but I know I've reached my limit. I need to work to achieve that "I did it!" feeling of finishing a pattern, instead of the "I did it again" feeling of moving on to the next thing.

crochet, scarf, Caron Cakes, double crochet cross stitch

Happy Crocheting!
PS - The scarf and hat using Caron Cakes will both be FREE patterns/videos! But I won't say "coming soon"... We'll just hope that they will be.

crochet, free patterns, hat, scarf, Caron Cakes, double crochet cross stitch


  1. I just nodded the whole way through. Yes, I've been sick, too sick to crochet even, yes to the WIP's, yes to the clutter pile, and yes, never listen to yourself when you're sick. I have a new strategy and I almost want to write a post about it but I'll never get around to that so here it is. I keep a maximum of 2 projects in the loungeroom at any given time and the rest have to be put away for a bit. Does that mean they get finished? Sometimes. Does that mean other WIP's don't get started? Sometimes. Does it help me feel better about my project pile and help me stay focused. YES.
    Get well soon.

    1. This brings another sad, sad confession: I have no more boxes to put it all in. That's why it's on the couch. :(
      I've been working on cleaning out a closet that's full of "why do we even have that?", but progress is slow because Rip wants to save everything - Right down to my old welding gear that's too stiff to put on, and the mask to go with it that's missing the head strap and glass. He says he might get a welder and use them. Ugh. Someday I'll go crazy and he'll come home to me throwing everything out the door :)
      I know you've also been miserably sick, so you get well, too! And thanks for the advice. Today I considered re-naming my other blog "I married a hoarder" so I'd actually have something to write about over there. I might recycle things into crafts, but he actually brings home stuff that has been in a dumpster. I'll hold off and think that one over when I'm not sick ;)

    2. Lol! The hubs and kids actually DID come home one day to find me heaving stuff out of the front door! Seriously! I just got totally fed up one day and, basically, lost my mind. I propped open the front door and started throwing stuff through the open door all over the front yard. What I couldn't pick up to throw, I shoved out the front door and pushed it off of the edge of the porch. And no one person was to blame for the collective mess.....the whole family, especially me, had a predisposition to hanging onto things "just in case". Sigh. I wish I could tell you that, as a family, we had a collective epiphany regarding TOO MUCH STUFF but that would be less (much less) than honest. As it stands now, all of our households go through periods where stuff builds up to uncomfortable levels then we go through a purge cycle and back and forth it goes, lol! I will say that we're all getting much better at bringing home less and less stuff and, while none of us will ever be true minimalists, we are all adopting a more minimal attitude regarding STUFF. Baby steps, baby steps. In our defense, I must add that ALL of us engage in multiple crafts and hobbies so much of the random stuff we save does get used. We WILL NOT, however, discuss the huge number of large storage bins of yarn (approximately 25) or the humongous stash of fabric (could easily fill up an eight by twelve walk-in closet) that are in my possession, lol!

      Hope you're feeling much better soonest! Merry Christmas!

    3. LOL - It sounds like we have the same problem, Kim! But I have a much smaller yarn stash ;) WOW.
      I am starting to feel better today, thank you. Merry Christmas to you, too!

  2. Hello Jenny,
    if you'd ever find out about paid sick days for crocheter, please tell, maybe I needn't find a new job but start being a fulltime crocheter (and designer) instead...
    Do get better soon and take care!
    P.S.: I like the stitch of the scarf!

    1. Marjan, I'll let you know as soon as I find out! There's lots of ways to make money at it - A small amount through blogging; more by selling patterns and products; even teaching classes. But I've never found any that offer any extra benefits other than playing with yarn. :)
      You take care, too! I think this crud might be creeping its way across the world.

    2. Sorry; muddled fever-brain. I almost forgot your PS - It's the double crochet cross stitch or double crochet X stitch, American terms. I'll have that video, but I'm sure there's others out there already so you can look it up before that. It's fun once you get the hang of it and the fabric is so stretchy!

  3. I really love that second picture with the ombre look scarf - the color change is beautiful on it! Can't wait for the free pattern!
    And, though my couch isn't covered in WIPs, I do have a trunk full (funny because actually my car trunk is full of yarn, but I actually have a trunk at home full to the top with WIPs), not to mention the tote bag hiding in my closet, the tote bag sitting in the front seat of my cat, the tote bag sitting next to me at the moment...::sighs::...I wish it was only my couch, LOL! My New Years Resolution is going to be - finish more projects!
    Best wishes! Hope you are feeling a little better now.

    1. Thanks Alexandra! I'm feeling a lot better today and a video for that pattern might be ready as soon as tomorrow. *Might.*
      My New Year's resolution every year is to finish more projects... I think I might have a few still stashed from the first year I started. ;) I find the best way to stop myself is to stop buying yarn... Then some store or brand has a big sale and it's all over again.

  4. I've been hanging up clothes and packing my soft side bag with folded clothes. I went through the downsize period in 2015 but the yarn started to multiple and my sister had a fit about my "Amazon" boxes!!! I had not cut them down yet and they took the family car to drop off recycling. Enough said. I have never heard the end of it. All those boxes....yada... yada...yada. My yarn was bulky, came in bulky big boxes.

    I sold everything I had dishes, cookware, stoneware I had before..... I refuse to store anything out in the shed, it all smells terrible after storage time!

    I have no husband to mess up things, but I do my share of piling things and filling the kitchen table with junk. Thankfully I have a shredder and bags and grind up what I can.

    I live with Mom and care for her, her home was already full of things. I sold my bed and dressers. No place for my things except to hang up or pack in a tote, suitcase or hang up. I'm learning to be portable!!!

    I got my flu shot hoping it works like last year! Feel Better Very Soon!!!

    1. Thank you, Janet! I'm still fighting it, but doing better every day.
      I managed some cleaning today and got into three bag's worth of fabric that hadn't been properly stored. The whole mess got me sneezing so bad, I threw it all out without feeling a moment of guilt. I'm thinking downsizing can be a good thing. We somehow end up with more, anyways!
      I hope that flu shot works for you too, so you can enjoy the holidays.


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