Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Christmas Poem and a Pattern

  First, a sneak peek at the new pattern... Next I have a silly poem for you! Then, a little Christmas present for those of you celebrating: A video for the Double Crochet Cross Stitch Hat is at the end of the post!

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
The air conditioner was blasting because of my spouse;
The thermometer outside showed very warm air,
And the high humidity had frizzed up my hair;
I tried products and brushing to smooth out my head,
But I should have covered it with a cap instead.

And Rip van Winkle shirtless with a cat in his lap,
Had just settled down for another nap;
When out in the yard there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to the window to see rain start to splatter;
And a few little kitties making a dash,
To protect themselves from a horrible splash;
We live in Florida, so we should always know,
That's the way the weather will often go.

As the time to feed cats was soon drawing near,
I got their food ready and donned my rain gear;
By then the weather played a dirty trick,
Because the rain had stopped rather quick;
So outside I went, and the kitties came,
As one by one I called them by name:

"Here Scooter! Here Pop Tart! Here Fluff and Booger!
Come Zombie! Come Boots! Come Innie and Sugar!"
"No, that's not your bowl; Are you trying to start a brawl?
They're on top of the porch and climbing the wall!"
Sometimes all these cats make me want to cry,
But I continue to feed them so that I can try
To spay and neuter a chosen few
Because there are people who don't have a clue.

They see five cats in my yard, so to them it makes sense
To dump a few more over my fence;
Now there's cats in my yard and cats on my roof,
Sometimes just like magic - There's more. Poof!
But enough about the cats that are running around,
Because I have a new pattern; It's worked in the round.

Working this stitch can be such a hoot,
And it makes dense, stretchy fabric to boot;
I'd never worked it in the round but thought I'd give it a crack,
Plus I made a video to help you stay on track;
This stitch in the round can be a bit scary,
So with this video you won't have to be wary;
I think this cap would be warm in the snow,
But I live in Florida, so I don't really know.

At least it works to tame frizzy hair underneath,
So you won't get it caught in a holiday wreath;
It's stylish enough to wear to the local cafe or deli,
And you don't have to fear washing when it gets kinda smelly;
For it's made with the Cakes I snatched off the shelf,
While not even bothering to be ashamed of myself.

It's really great yarn to cover your head,
Maybe keeping you warm while you play on a sled;
Or while you stand in the snow because of that jerk
That cut you off on your way to work;
This hat is probably wearable by both chicks or bros,
Plus there's a scarf to match that's worked in rows;
The 20% wool of Cakes won't make your skin bristle,
Since nobody wants a hat that's scratchy as a thistle.

It's fast to work with the double crochet's height,
So you could make this project all in one night!

  I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to get the patterns I planned posted before the holidays... I wasn't planning on getting sick again. This hat was created during one of my sick days, and it was faster for me to put together a video. There will be a written pattern coming sometime... Sometime when the words on the screen stop blurring into nonsensical lines. For now, here's the video tutorial fro the Double Crochet Cross Stitch Hat, with a kitty included:

  Well, I'm off to work on another video! I don't celebrate the holidays, but I do hope you enjoy yours. Have a merry Christmas; a happy Hanukkah; a joyous Kwanza; also happy Festivus, Malanka, National Eggnog Month, Yule, and all the other less-known celebrations that happen around this time. If I've missed a celebration you observe, then please be sure to let us know about it in the comment section so we can all learn about it. And as always:

Happy Crocheting!

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