Saturday, September 10, 2016

Expect the Unexpected

  You know that feeling when you know you shouldn't buy yarn, but the craft store sends you an email about an amazing sale? (Of course, you could replace the words "yarn" and "craft store" with whatever vices fit...) Well, they got me. I've been on the lookout for a certain yarn to show up in the local Michaels, but suffered disappointment every visit. I was starting to think I'd never see it here! When the email popped up saying they had it on sale for a great price, I had to go looking again... And right there on an end cap display:

yarn, crochet, Caron Cakes

  It's a win-lose situation. Honestly, I'm doing a happy dance over finding Caron Cakes, despite knowing I shouldn't be buying more yarn. You could forgive me for that, right? Who can turn down those beautiful colors? I'm also happy to find that the 20% wool doesn't seem to be causing me a reaction yet... So, double "yay"!

  That's pretty much where I can stop making excuses for myself and admit that I totally went yarn shopping. I've had a few lone balls of Bernat Pipsqueak sitting around, and one night this week I decided to turn them into a blanket. Except, one ball is pink, and I don't want a pink blanket. I quickly found that the other ball won't make much of a blanket by itself. The project was already started, so what could I do? I picked up a few balls so I can finish it.

yarn, crochet, Bernat Pipsqueak

  And then, WHY did I pull out my phone to check the email to see if I had missed anything else on sale? What? What is that yarn? It's new? If they've been advertising it, I've missed it. Where is it in the store? Oh, right next to the Caron Cakes! I must have been blinded by their pretty colors. Yup, well, two skeins of that are going in my basket...

yarn, crochet, Loops & Threads Facets

  Oops! I'm glad I checked that email! The sale is only if you buy two skeins... Well, let's just slip one more of those Caron Cakes in there, then we can call this shopping trip done.

yarn, crochet, Caron Cakes

  Ooo, what's this? What's that? When did they start carrying that yarn? GET ME OUT OF THE CRAFT STORE BEFORE I DRAIN MY BANK ACCOUNT! Yup, there's no hope for me... A yarn addict is a yarn addict. But I do have one interesting story for you from after my shopping trip:

  I wore my "fairy" shawl when I went out. There's this little proud/selfish part of my brain that wants people at the craft store to see my creations and "ooo and ah" over them. Nobody has ever said a thing to me, and it's always a little disappointing. Same thing this trip, except we stopped for a coffee on the way home... And the young redheaded barista looks over at me and says "OMG, did you make that yourself? It's beautiful! I just made this hat... I'm still learning, but I have a million things saved on Pinterest."

  And in my social awkwardness, I just said "thanks" and no more... I wish I had said more. Perhaps I'll catch her at the coffee shop some other time, and be a bit more prepared. She surprised me; after thinking I'll find praise at the place where crafts are born and getting none, I wasn't expecting it anywhere else. I guess it proves you can always expect the unexpected.

Happy Crocheting!

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