Monday, August 29, 2016

Confessions of a Yarn Addict

  *SIGH* Hi... My name is Jenny, and I can't stop buying yarn. A while back when I reorganized my stash, I swore to not buy any more until I used what I had. It's a hard promise to keep when you crochet for a living.

  I treated myself to an extra skein when I ordered the material for the elephant rug, just so I could get free shipping. That was justified, right? And then The Other Half became an enabler by asking to go to the craft store... But that was his fault, right? And I don't think my dad understood my addiction when he asked if I'd like to go on a day trip out of town, and maybe stop by that Joann Fabrics that I've never been to...

  Yeah, I went. We had a great day. I was just going to look around; see what they have; compare prices... But... Darn you, Joann Fabric! Why did you have to have a sale on one of my most-used, favorite yarns? Look what you made me do:

yarn, Caron One Pound, Bernat Baby Blanket, crochet

Okay, so I should stop blaming everybody else when clearly I'm the one with the problem. 

  But, I'm stuck in this small town with two choices for yarn stores: One being Walmart, and both being out of stock on a regular basis. The problem I have with both places is color choices... Do you want dark or light brown, blue, pink, green? You might find it. But to find gradient shades in between? Unheard of at my local stores! I'm not a big fan of brown, but I love coffee. And when I saw these gradients beginning with "Espresso", a coffee-themed afghan was born in my mind.

yarn, Caron One Pound, coordinating colors

  Eww, the Taupe looks kinda greenish in that picture, so hopefully I can find a better camera setting by the time I get that blanket done. No, I'm not starting it yet. I still have my "fairies" project, and two more afghans expected. But I'm itching to start it. I'm loving the design in my mind, and anxious to make it work.

  Not only do I have to fight the urge to start an afghan... I picked up another skein of an extra-special yarn, too. I've been dying to work with Bernat Blanket or Baby Blanket, and Joann's had it on sale. Get a look at this fluffy goodness:

yarn, Bernat Baby Blanket, the fluffy

  Again, I don't need it. This yarn on sale is the equivalent of a fluffy bunny staring at you through the pet store window. An extra-fluffy bunny, with extra-big, sad eyes... And this bunny can talk. It says "Take me home and pet me", and you just can't resist. 

Bernat Baby Blanket, yarn, fluffy

  This bunny has an evil side, though. You get it home, and then it won't fit in your too-full yarn stash. So it sits on your couch, staring at you. You try to work on that other project, but it just keeps staring at you. Next thing you know, you're putting down your project to pet the fluffy again. Such a good fluffy. Nice fluffy. My fluffy!

Bernat Baby Blanket, yarn, fluffy

  Yup, I think I'm on a yarn high. But I know I have a problem that needs to stop... Or I need to crochet faster! To once again give "justification" to another yarn purchase, I stepped away from the fluffy for a bit.

  I've been looking for a better, faster way to make plarn, and my dad gave me his old paper cutter - The chop-style I haven't been able to find. It's been sitting in a corner for a few weeks, and I decided it was time to reduce the bag stash... I can only cut five or six bags at a time this way, but it's much safer and makes a better cut than the rotary cutter I've been using.

paper cutter, making plarn, recycled grocery bags, crochet

  And now I'm making giant plarn granny squares, which isn't reducing that yarn stash at all. That promise of no new projects? Yeah, forget it. Planning never works for me, anyways. I rescheduled my days to have one hour of free time, which means I can work on new projects if I want. I'm going to use it to try to get this plarn project finished up... But I bet The Fluffy will end up on my hook soon.

They're going to have to hang my picture in the local craft stores with a notice: "Do not sell yarn to this woman under any circumstances, even if she promises to make you an afghan."

Oh wait... I have the internet... YOU CAN'T STOP ME!

Happy Crocheting!

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