Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Such a Tease

  Between organizing and finishing my granny-love-knot shawl, I've been making steady progress on the elephant rug I took an order for. The pattern is easy to follow, but full of time-consuming popcorn stitches, so it's taking a little longer than anticipated. And I'm dreading the bit of embroidery needed to finish the details of the face.

  When I ordered the yarn for the project, it came to just under the $50 I needed to spend to qualify for free shipping... So I was naughty. I'm not supposed to be buying more yarn. I could have just bought another skein of the cheaper Super Saver to reach the threshold, but...

  I know they have something I've been eyeing up for awhile... Something that that has been whispering to me: You want me... But... Don't... Buy more...But... It's sooooo prettyyyyyyyyy!!!

yarn, Red Heart, Boutique, Unforgettable, Dragonfly

  Yup. One skein, and only one skein of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable was added to my order, completely justified by free shipping. I've wanted this yarn in this color (Dragonfly) ever since its release. And now that a skein is in my house, it won't stop teasing me. I know I decided to keep it packed away until I lift the ban on new projects, but I had to pull it out to take some pictures...

yarn, Red Heart, Boutique, Unforgettable, Dragonfly

  And during the photography, a little of the tail pulled out of the center of the skein. No. No, no, no, yarn, you can't do this to me... I'm committed to other projects... I'm staying faithful to my promises of no new WIP's...

yarn, Red Heart, Boutique, Unforgettable, Dragonfly

  Please, stop calling to me! ...What's that you said, pretty yarn? You want me to pull that tail out a little more? Okay, well, just a little. You know we really shouldn't be doing this...

yarn, Red Heart, Boutique, Unforgettable, Dragonfly


yarn, Red Heart, Boutique, Unforgettable, Dragonfly

  Sorry, either the heat is affecting my brain, or I'm having a love affair with my yarn. I'm pretty sure it's the heat. I haven't been thinking straight. I mean, how did that skein get on the table along with its recommended hook size? I couldn't have put it there, right? I promised I wouldn't start any new projects until I finished all my WIP's!

yarn, Red Heart, Boutique, Unforgettable, Dragonfly

   And how on earth did it get hooked up into the start of a lacy fingerless glove? Nooooo... Not me! I'm sticking to my word, remember?

yarn, Red Heart, Boutique, Unforgettable, Dragonfly

Oops, I guess I slipped up.
Happy Crocheting!


  1. Dear Jenny,
    don't be too hard on yourself! You've only got this one skein so the WIPs won't have to wait too long...
    Happy crocheting!

    1. Thanks Marjan, you're right! Fingerless gloves are quick to finish, anyways :)


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