Double Strand Basket Weave Scarf

**For those of you keeping up with the program, this is the Scarf of the Month for October. Since I've fallen so behind, I'm going to stop labeling the months in the titles of the remaining scarves. Seems a bit strange to be featuring October's scarf in February of the next year, so just enjoy the free pattern! If you're interested in creating items for charity too, then be sure to check out the notes I've included at the end for why I think this is one of the best scarves to work up for a donation. **

  Working a basket weave pattern with two strands of worsted yarn makes this scarf amazingly warm and cozy - and quick to make, too! Triple crochet stitches and a large hook help you get the project done faster, and the two strands leave your color choices almost endless. You can play it safe with two strands the same color, mix and match your favorite colors, or combine two shades of a neutral.

crochet, free pattern, scarf, double strand, Caron United, tutorial, triple crochet

  The pattern is easy to adjust for a wider scarf, but this piece is plenty warm at 5" (12.5 cm). Using the entire length of both skeins, a 5" wide scarf will finish at a length of 75" (187.5 cm). To increase the width or length, you'll need extra skeins! Need to brush up on your stitches for this pattern? Be sure to check out the links in the stitch definitions. (And psst... Find a whole tutorial for this scarf by clicking here!)

crochet, free pattern, crochet for charity, scarf, tutorial

Skill level:
Skill level, intermediate

2 skeins - Worsted weight (4) acrylic yarn
-I used Caron United in Black and Dark Grey Heather
*For a wider or longer scarf, you will need 4 skeins - Two of each color
Hook size N-9.00MM or size needed to obtain gauge
Stitch markers (optional)
Yarn needle

In 4" by 4" (10 cm by 10 cm)
12 triple crochet in pattern stitch
*Almost* 4 rows - 4" should be about 3/4 of the height of the fourth row

crochet, gauge, triple crochet, basket weave

Chain-3 at beginning of rows counts as a double crochet stitch

Pattern stitch is worked in multiples of 4. For a wider scarf, increase by 4 stitches.

Have trouble with turning chains? Use stitch markers. The beginning chain-3 will disappear behind the last post stitch. Marking it will make it easier to find.

Stitches and abbreviations:
Chain (ch)
Foundation double crochet (FDC)
Double crochet (dc)
Front-post triple crochet (fptr)
Back-post triple crochet (bptr)

free crochet pattern, basket weave, scarf, triple crochet


- Working with both strands of yarn held together -

Row 1:
Ch 4 (counts as dc), FDC 11. (12 dc)

Row 2:
Ch 3, (fptr in each of the next 2, bptr in each of the following 2) two times. Fptr in each of the next 2, make 1 dc in last.

Repeat row 2 for all following rows. Example repeats 74 times for a total of 76 rows.

Bind off, weave in ends.

crochet, free patter, scarf, basket weave, double strand, Caron United

This scarf doesn't need any blocking! The thick pattern holds its shape well. That's great for charity donations and for gifting to yarn-clueless people.

crochet, free pattern, scarf, basket weave, triple crochet, tutorial

Happy Crocheting!


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