Monday, January 25, 2016

Thanks to Coffee and Crochet

  I live in Florida, right? The land of sunshine and palm trees? The place that northerners come to stay warm in the winter? The Sunshine State? Well, we got our sunshine today, but it sure took it's time warming us up! That's why I was super-thankful for crochet and coffee this morning.

coffee, crochet, scarf, pattern

  Just to be clear: I do live in that part of Florida that has cows, not coastline. But, at least I have one palm tree! I grew up even farther south than this, and only saw frost maybe three or four times before my eighteenth birthday. This is cold-to-me. So, anyways... This morning I had to wake up before 4 a.m. to send the hubby off for an early workday. On early mornings the dog and cats don't care that it's not time to eat yet... I better get in gear and get them fed, which means taking the dog out... In the dark, and this:

frost, cold weather, crochet

  Walking around with my flashlight, the whole yard was sparkling. Even though I hate the cold, it was quite beautiful. Is that what makes people actually want to live in that frozen white stuff you call snow? Maybe I should try to go see it sometime. But only if I can take lots of hot coffee and warm crochet accessories with me!

frost, cold weather, crochet

  At least, walking around in the dark, I can wear my crochet goodies with no fear of ridicule. I hate wearing scarves, because every time I do, somebody feels the need to inform me that "it's not snowing, you know"... Yeah but I'm cold, so shut up. I wrapped up in my favorite scarf this morning, and it worked wonderfully to keep the chill off while I walked the dog, and again later when I went out to snap some pictures of the yard.

crochet, scarf, broomstick lace, free crochet pattern

  It's amazing how much happier you can be when you're warm. Usually, I would be walking around sniffling and grumbling about my numb fingers. Just by adding a crocheted hat and scarf to my Florida-snowsuit*, I was able to enjoy the beauty of the frosted yard instead of being completely miserable.

*A Florida "snowsuit" is my million layers that everyone makes fun of, because I don't own any clothes that are really suitable for this weather. My heaviest jacket leaves me cold at 60°. An outfit for seriously cold days before crochet was:

Long-sleeve shirt
Short-sleeve shirt
Toe socks
Regular socks
Old toe socks with-the-toes-cut-off, pulled up as leg-warmers

  I've been told I look like a homeless person. And I don't think that's funny, but I guess you can laugh if you want to. I'm cold, and I'm doing whatever I can to stay warm. Since learning crochet, I add a scarf and a hat, leaving one of the shirts and maybe the hoodie behind. Sometimes I still wear the hoodie, like this morning when it was freezing. And I really could crochet myself some leg warmers, but I kinda like recycling my worn-out toe socks.

frost, cold weather, crochet

  Are you starting to wonder why I'm rambling about what I wear when it's cold? Alright, I'll get to the point: This morning as I was enjoying my favorite scarf, it got me thinking... As soon as the animals are fed and the dog's done outside, I get to go in and be warm. And have COFFEE! I used to work in a steel building with a concrete floor and no heat. I couldn't stand it on cold days. Now, I get to go back in to my heated house, sit down with a cup of coffee, and bury myself in the warmth of my work.

  There's plenty of people that still have to work in that cold, while barely making a living. And there's others that don't have a place of warmth or shelter. So instead of being miserable today, I decided to get to work on some more charity donations. I'll be sharing more about that later... Today is just for coffee and crochet!

frost, cold weather, crochet

Happy Crocheting!

P.S. Welcome to Florida... Frost this morning, and 81° before the sun went down. Ditch the scarf. Still keep the coffee :)



  1. Beautiful scarfs and pictures !!!
    Have a cosy day !

    1. Thanks, Anna! The temps are nearing the 80's again, so I'm plenty cozy now, lol. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Love the frost shots! We don't even get frost so they seem rather unreal to me. I'm a big believer in layering clothes, so you won't catch me laughing.

    1. You might, if you ever see a picture of what I look like bundled up (lol), but thanks for not laughing! With the rapid change in temperature over the day, layers make sense to me. Much more sense than those people I see wearing puffy jackets with shorts!

  3. Hi Jenny! Thank you for commenting in my blog :) Fabulous scarf and beautiful photos! I also love sun and I understand your frustration about the weather! My country is knowledge as a sunny place so when I don't see it for three days I fall in sadness.
    Hope you the sun comes very soon to you!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

    1. A sunny day definitely helps to boost the mood! Thanks for visiting, Anna! Have a wonderful day!

  4. I too love coffee and crochet or knitting on a chilly morning - best on the weekend when I don't have to rush around and make sure the kids are getting ready for school and make their lunches. It has been warmer here for us so far this year in TX but we have had some cold days - but no snow so far. Stopping by from Snickerdoodle Sunday

    1. The weather seems to be acting up everywhere this year, doesn't it? Happy to hang out at Snickerdoodle Sunday with you, Kimberlee!

  5. My Florida vegetation doesn't seem to look like yours, but perhaps you are more North of me. I saw thank goodness for coffee and crochet too especially during this time. I have really been taking advantage of projects I have been working in my size and wearing the heck out of them. Hey, someone has to test them out before they can be sold, right? Hehe. Best Wishes!

    1. Florida does have strange weather sometimes - You're north of me! Even though we live in what they call the "Highlands", I think we're actually in a low land... We tend to get cooler temps. Maybe it's just the lack of roads and buildings here, lol.

      Pattern testing! Can I use that excuse the next time someone makes fun of me for wearing a scarf in Florida?


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