Sunday, November 22, 2015

I Finally Figured Ravelry Out

  I mentioned trying to figure Ravelry out when complaining writing about my wedding shawlette. Yay! I finally kinda did it! No, it's not the pattern for the shawlette... I'm holding off on that one until I'm comfortable with Ravelry. Right now, I'm still in that "Omg, I hope I did it right" stage.

  So... At this point, I'm just excited and wanted to spew words about it. My dad told me I write too much about how people are buttheads don't appreciate things. I agree. How's this for some happy stuff? I've linked a few of my free patterns on Ravelry before, but I've never figured out how to sell one until now. I did it, I din't break the internet, and I think everything is working. Now, if only I could figure out that free download thing...

  But, I can't. I would say I need more coffee, but I just have to go to bed. I'll save the free download thing for in the morning, when my eyes aren't twitching and I can see straight again. For now, my late-nighters (and for later, my latecomers), how about some opinions? Can you go check it out for me and make sure I didn't break the internet? Please? And I promise there will be free download codes for stuff in the future.

  What I'd like to know is: Would you buy this pattern? (Not if your're going to buy it, just... Would you?) Did I charge too much? Too little? I'd love to know the answer to that before I tell you all the real story behind it. And no, it's won't be another gripe about how somebody didn't appreciate my work. Mom loved the table runner!

  This is supposed to be a link to the listing: Holly Holiday Table Runner. The link works for me. Also, if you click on the picture below, it should take you to the same page... *Sigh*... If I did it right. For whatever reason, I can't check that link in a preview. But as soon as I hit publish, I'm hitting the hay. Man, I really wish the Kid would grow up to become a computer programmer/tech/code writer already, so I can crochet more.

Happy Crocheting!

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