Thursday, November 5, 2015

An Ode(r) to Sheep


Oh, mighty Sheep, who live in a barn
Your fleece can be used to make wonderful yarn
You are important, oh mighty Sheep
As you are counted we drift off to sleep

Oh mighty Sheep, we love your wool
Fiber this fabulous won't come from a bull
Your roots in our history run quite deep
We owe much to you, oh mighty Sheep


You are a beast that is often ignored
At the mention of "sheep", most become bored
Your popularity is now a bit less slight
After you recently managed to stop a flight

Interest was piqued when we received word
That trouble was caused by some of the herd
You caused a fiasco, oh mighty Sheep 
When you were packed on a plane, two thousand deep

It must have been miserable down in the hold
But you got your vengeance a hundredfold
The pilots and crew met with some trouble
When the airplane filled with your methane bubble

Oh, mighty sheep, you don't smell like roses
Your odor began assaulting their noses
In midair, with nowhere to run
They had to endure the deed that was done

In distress, the flight was grounded
As fire alarms and warnings sounded
Oh, mighty Sheep, as you flew through the sky
Did you laugh while you made the pilots cry?

The air was cleared and the flight resumed
But the crew had already been properly fumed
It must not be fun transporting sheep
The smell is quite bad, and the -ahem- gets deep.

Oh, mighty Sheep, may your conditions be checked
And you treated with much more respect
For your wool is so loved among the fiber arts
That we can forgive your smelly farts


  For those of you who haven't heard, quite a debacle was caused recently by some sheep on a cargo plane. In transport from Australia to Malaysia, the 2,000+ sheep packed in the cargo hold managed to ground the flight due to an excess of methane gas. The beasts released so much manure and flatulence that the gases set off the fire alarms. I found a report of the incident here. Apparently, after airing out the aircraft for two and a half hours, the flight was able to resume.

  In closing, I'd like to add that over 2,000 sheep on a plane seems extreme, even if they were lambs instead of full-grown sheep. If they were full-grown sheep, then holy cow! I mean... Sheep! No wonder the flight was grounded. Being unable to find an example of how packed in they were, I can't condemn these people. Who knows? Maybe the sheep had plenty of room. But when your flight is being grounded due to sheep farts, perhaps that's too many.

Happy Crocheting!



  1. I'm with you. 2000 seems excessive.

    Now I'm sitting here trying to imagine how bad 2000 sheep farting would be! I'm surprised the pilots AND the sheep didn't pass out from lack of oxygen.

    1. Lol! It would be bad. I think if I was on the flight crew, I'd be slipping the woolies some Bean-o before the flight :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kid!

      Not complaining that we get to have our little chats, but... How are you getting so much computer time in school? Hope you're getting your work done, and not just reading poems about sheep farts :)

    2. I have to interject...teachers and slower kids = loads of extra computer time. ;p

    3. Please excuse my stepping in on your conversation there.

    4. No, I don't mind at all. After finding out that the extra computer time was because she was in TROUBLE, I really wonder about these schools. Internal suspension, or extra play time? I enjoy having my kiddo stop by the blog, but punishment should be punishment.

  3. I think it's disgusting that they are transporting live sheep. It would not be done for wool sheep but for those that are to be eaten. Usually they are transported already butchered which makes for a nicer meat as the sheep are not all stressed out before slaughter. However some religions require a prayer to be said before slaughter and they do not believe that we will do it here so require their produce to be transported live to be slaughtered in their own way on their own land. I am not familiar with this particular instance and it may not be what is happening in this situation but it doesn't seem reasonable to me to be putting sheep on a plane.

    1. I was hoping that these sheep were destined to be wool makers, but I was unable to find any solid evidence of why they were being transported by air.

      I found a picture of 500 sheep in a field, for comparison. No way they could fit 2,000 comfortably in a plane, lambs or not. I would still love to think they'll be living out the rest of their lives on a farm, but... Anyone who has looked into sheep farming knows that none of it is pretty. It's not fun to be a sheep.

  4. sheep farts? O my. lol
    But, still....neat critters. And I must return real soon and check out your free patterns as I enjoy crocheting.

    1. Lol, yes, sheep farts. I usually try to keep my content more decent, but I just couldn't resist this one :)

      I'm glad to have reached another crocheter! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Each time my husband starts complaining about having to mow the lawn "again", I propose getting some sheep (not 2000 though)... He would not have to mow the lawn anymore, we would have plenty of manure for the kitchen garden as well as for the flowerbeds (assuming the sheep would NOT demolish my flowers and shrubs) and I would have an everlastung supply of wool... We still have non probably never will...

    1. Ha! I have a similar situation, except I've been threatening alpacas :)


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