Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday Wishlist

Do you ever fall in love with a yarn, only to find out it's not in your budget? Have you ever looked for the perfect yarn for a project, but everything you find is just a little off? What about those tools that you really want, but you know you could still live without them? These are the things that make it on my Wednesday Wishlist...

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Omega Sinfonia:

DK mercerized cotton
Image from

  Dk weight mercerized cotton is on my shopping list... Well, just DK weight cotton was on it first, but when I came across this yarn, I decided it should be mercerized, too. I'm looking for material to make a warm-weather lacy top, and I think Sinfonia will be perfect. Also, they happen to have an assortment of colors, including the black I'm trying to find. (Why is it so hard to find black DK weight cotton yarn?) And when I'm done with the project in mind, I'll have to go back for some of those variegated colors. (Check out the blues!)

Bernat Softee Chunky:

Image from

  I've been searching hard for the perfect bulky yarn, but I'm limited to a certain few colors. (Black is also one of the colors I'm looking for here!) Softee Chunky has become my final decision! I've changed my game plan for this project in mind, so I don't need a super-huge roving yarn anymore. This yarn comes in a big variety of colors, which includes both of the ones I'm looking for. The only reason this yarn is on my Wishlist and not in my stash is because I need ten or twelve skeins! I stand to make my money back from this project, but budget prevents me from placing the order. As soon as I resolve that problem, you'll be seeing a review (and maybe a pattern)!

 As always, please remember that the Wednesday Wishlist series was created to help raise awareness for the Scarf of the Month Program. Even though the yarn and tools I share on the Wishlist are often for personal projects, your donations will never go towards a personal purchase. Contributions to the Scarf of the Month program are only used to help with materials and shipping of the scarves. Can't donate? That's fine! Help spread the word if you can. Need to de-stash? The Scarf of the Month Program accepts yarn donations, too!

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