Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Making a Decision

  I had hopes of using up my scraps of light blue on my Granny Scarf project, but I wasn't able to make it work. In the last post about this W.I.P. (work in progress), I was playing around with the scraps of yellow in my stash, but I couldn't find one I liked. And when I got that special surprise that ended my day of crochet, I felt a little defeated.

  Defeated, and also scared to go back into the room that box was in. I went back to the rest of my stash to search for that perfect-but-missing yellow. It's still missing, because I found something better instead:

  I didn't really want to use yellow. I don't like yellow. Well, okay, I tolerate yellow in small amounts, like with the center color. But I don't like yellow. So, blue!

  Not the blue I originally wanted to use, but maybe a better blue. I wanted to keep the colors of this scarf bright and cheery, so the thought never crossed my mind to try a deeper shade. When I came across this skein of darker blue, my mind told me "use it". But my eyes told me it didn't match.

...But my mind said "use it".

   ...And again my eyes told me it didn't match, even after I worked the whole round and bound off. I felt like I had made a mistake. I was disgusted with my decision. Disappointed that I jumped the gun and used the first thing I found, I walked away.

  And when I came back, my eyes had changed their minds. That blue actually complements the lighter colors quite nicely! And with only one final round of it, the bright and cheery tones weren't lost after all. My brain even backed up my eyes' opinions by telling me that lighter blue would have given it a washed-out look, anyways.

  And then Jump Steady gave his stamp of approval by sitting in the chair and nodding while I took photos. (He was really just falling asleep while sitting up, but, you know... Whatever makes me happy!) He further showed approval by distracting me from thinking about it again. He's showing his disapproval of July's Scarf of the Month by causing a disruption every time I work on it, so you can blame him for having to wait longer for this pattern! June's scarf still has to be published, too, so I bet that'll keep you distracted for a while!

  If all goes well and I get my pc back, you'll be seeing the free pattern by the end of the week (for June's; this one is for August). I don't like publishing my patterns from the tablet, because it's a pain to type on it, and I'm constantly making errors. So what if there's a little typo in a post like this? It's not that big of a deal, much as it still bothers me. But messing up one spot in a pattern could make a lot of angry people. So you'll have to wait just a little longer, okay? Until then...

Happy Crocheting!

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