Thursday, September 24, 2015

Get Ready for I Love Yarn Day!

  Whether you knit, crochet, weave or spin, I Love Yarn Day is a special day of the year for yarn enthusiasts. This year, I Love Yarn Day 2015 will be on Saturday, October 17th, so mark your calendars! What will you do to celebrate?

I Love Yarn Day, #ILYD

  One of the most popular ways to spread the word about our special day is yarn bombing. If you've never been lucky enough to personally experience a yarn bomb event, just search "yarn bomb" on Google Images to get an idea of how crazy yarn lovers get. Bicycles, trees, and even stop signs are all at risk of being yarn bombed on I Love Yarn Day. (Though I'm not sure, I think it might be illegal in some way to yarn bomb stop signs. And fire hydrants. Cute, but not worth going to jail over.)

  I had an idea to yarn bomb a statue in town this year. I wanted to turn it into a way to benefit charity and maybe get some local support for the Scarf of the Month program. After speaking with an official about my plan, I was told I could be charged with trespassing and even vandalism. Really. Vandalism. You have to be kidding me. But sadly, they're not, so I'm abandoning my yarn bomb event. It angers me in a way... I mean, come on! It's yarn! Vandalism? And it's for charity! Vandalism? Oh well. The law is the law, and mean people will be mean people. So...

  I really don't know what else to do for I Love Yarn Day! I did a little searching about our "holiday" and found organized yarn bomb events, but none near me. Since it's hard for me to track down yarn bombings for each and every one of you, I thought I'd share some other information I came across:

  • If you're on YouTube or Instagram, check out these contests from the Craft Yarn Council! For a chance to win prizes, upload your photos to Instagram using #ILYD or #stitchitforward, or make a YouTube video showing your passion for yarn! 

  • Help spread the word! If you're a fellow blogger or you're on Facebook, you can follow this link to download banners and logos (like the one you see up top) that you can use to get others interested in I Love Yarn Day!

  • You don't have to participate in any contests to be a part of #StitchItForward! Get someone else interested in yarn and teach them your skill. 

  • And as always, I encourage #crochetforcharity! Winter will be here soon enough, and those in need require warm accessories like scarves, mittens, and hats. Make a warm item to donate to a local charity, or search online for a national charity that will accept your homemade creations. 

heart, crochet, free pattern

  Because I'll most likely be spending the day alone, I came up with a few ways that introverts can celebrate I Love Yarn Day, too:

  • Clean out your stash! If you love your yarn, then take care of it. Spend a little time organizing your yarn.

  • Be "selfish"! Make something extra-special for yourself that will always remind you of how much you love yarn... Or, if you don't need a reminder, at least make something that will bring a smile to your face.

  • Have pets? Make a toy, blankie, or an accessory so your furry friend can celebrate with you.

  • Go yarn shopping! It's I Love Yarn Day, so there's gotta be a yarn sale somewhere out there, right?

  Since my super-awesome plan was destroyed, I'm a little disappointed. Maybe I'll celebrate by sulking with my stash, or maybe I'll get out in public to work on a project. Perhaps I should spend the day coming up with an even more super-awesome plan for next year. What will you do? Whatever it is, make sure you celebrate how much you love yarn!

Happy Crocheting!
 (Or knitting, or spinning, or weaving...)


  1. It sucks when our plans don't come to fruition, but your other ways of celebrating sound even more fun to me. I am not big on yarn bobbing, but I love yarn and crocheting. So, I think I will plan for a crochet day. I hope you find something fun to do on that day too. :D

    1. I take it as a sign, lol. I'm not big on yarn bombing, either, so maybe it wasn't meant to be.

      Forget going public. I like my alone-time, and I like yarn, so that's good enough for me. Hope you enjoy your I Love Yarn Day, too!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I did not know about Yarn Day! It is now marked on my Calendar and I am sure going to find someway to trying to celebrate (I am an introvert so I LOVE your ideas)
    Joanita @ Snickerdoodle Sunday

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Joanita! I'm glad I could introduce you to I Love Yarn Day!

  3. I had no idea yarn day even existed! You should ask a local coffee shop if you can yarn bomb something on site and then hold a yarn-in! Is it at the same time every year? I wish I knew some yarnies around here to hang out with. Maybe I'll have to head to the local food court and start crocheting over a coffee occasionally.

    1. I love your idea, but this town is kinda funny. The most local coffee shop never seems to be open. I've lived here for 10 years and have only seen it open 3 times. But we have a Starbucks now, yay! I just have to drive to the other side of town to get there. The Other Half's brakes went out and it doesn't look like it will be fixed in time. He's driving my car and I'm stuck here. :( Oh well, it will all be in planning for next year.

      As for I Love Yarn Day: Honestly, I'm confused. I previously thought it was always the second Friday of October... Now it's on the third Saturday. I do know it's always in October. Still looking for an answer - I'll let you know if I find out!

  4. Where are your share buttons? I can't find them 0_o

  5. Oh, found them up the top there!

    1. Sorry about the buttons; I tried to make them bigger once and crashed my whole site. Better left alone until I can afford a techie, lol.


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