Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday Wishlist

Have you ever really wanted to try a new product, but it's not in your budget?
Do you fall in love with projects, but you know you just don't have time to make them right now?
Would you donate an item to charity if it meant you got to play with the yarn for free?

  I have two very different projects in mind right now, but I'm having trouble finding the right yarn for each. One has me searching for something fine - probably a lace weight, but I haven't completely decided. My mind is set on the yarn I want for the second project, but I can't find the right one! The ones that caught my attention the most have made this week's Wishlist.

Here's this week's picks:

Click the pictures to follow the links!

Lindy Chain:

Image from

  It's a fingering weight... Chainette yarn? That's new to me! I've only seen chainettes in worsted weight and up - and only worked with worsted. The project I'm designing will be a warm weather accessory, so this linen-pima cotton blend might be perfect! I love the colors, I love the price, and I love the material. The comments about Lindy Chain scare me a bit... I read quite a few complaints about splitting, but I also read so many positive comments that I think it's worth the risk. Should I try it?

Lion Brand Chenille Thick and Quick:

  I won't bother to share a photo of this one. You can follow this link if you'd like. Chenille Thick and Quick made my picks this week because I want it... But I can never have it. I came across this yarn while on a search for extremely thick, very soft and fluffy yarn. It's perfect; exactly what I was looking for! And, it's discontinued!

  I thought perhaps if I included it in the Wishlist, someone could help me out. I have searched, and searched... And still can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Bernat Blanket comes close, but I'm looking for a super-duper fluffy roving yarn. Bernat's version just isn't fluffy enough. I also considered Lion Brand Quick & Cozy, but it's 100% nylon. I had a chenille-style garment made from nylon that disintegrated after a few washes, so that worries me. 

  Every other yarn that came close was discontinued. Can anybody recommend a substitution? I need it to be wool-free! And affordable - None of that $25-for-100-yards stuff!

This hook!

Image from

  Did I mention a super-duper fluffy yarn? I've got a few ideas rolling around, but no matter what I decide on, I'll need a biiiiiig hook! Look what I found... I think this will do the job! You can find this monster along with other big hooks and needles in Snokist Farm Girl's store on Etsy. (This one's a size X! That's 30 MM!)

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  Click the donate button in the right sidebar if you can help me out! I love to play with yarn, even if I don't get to keep (or make money from) the item I've made. None of your donations ever go towards a personal purchase. The Wednesday Wishlist is more about charity, and less about the things I want! All donations will support my Scarf of the Month program. Every month, a new scarf (or set) will be designed to donate to charity. As a thank you for your donations, the pattern will be provided for free the following month! For more information, check out the Scarf of the Month Page!


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