Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Death of Yarn Tales Tuesday

  As I mentioned in my last post, my life is changing big time. I've always found that life is easier when you stick to a schedule. But lately, I've found it impossible to make plans that I can stick to. And that's why this will be the last Yarn Tales Tuesday post here on Crochet is the Way.

  That's not a bad or a sad thing, it's another way to move forward! I've decided that instead of sticking to a silly schedule where I can only rant and rave on Tuesdays, ya'll are gonna get my ramblings any time I want to spew them out. (I'm not sure, but I believe that's called blogging.) I need different titles. My posts page is full of "Yarn Tales Tuesday", "Yarn Tales Tuesday", and one "Yarn 'Tlaes' Tuesday" that can only be distinguished by the orange, fine-print labels that will someday make me go blind. No more Yarn Tales Tuesday, okay? It's a good thing. I think this is one case where I'll be more productive by not sticking to a schedule.

  Yarn Tales Tuesday has been a great way for me to open up about my personal life, brag about my Guidecentral tutorials, and occasionally I actually write about yarn. But it has held me back from publishing when I miss my deadline, and my new readers (hi, ya'll!) are missing great posts that are lost under the title. From now on, there will simply be a great post for you to laugh, cry, learn, or argue about. In honor of the last Yarn Tales Tuesday, I'd like to invite you to browse through a history of past articles:

(Click the caption link for the post. If you click the pic, you'll just get a pic!)

Crafting for Special Occasions, and Christmas in July
-The very first Yarn Tales Tuesday!

(No pics)

Time to Unwind...
A great reminder to just stop sometimes!

Crochet Holidays, not Holiday Crochet
Crochet "Holidays" in September and October!

What can happen in your mind when you re-label your projects

Crochet for Our Furry Friends
Oh, you owe it to me to go read this one! My "babies" are grown up now, and I still miss Cornelius Peanutbutterus every day. Couldn't help but cry when I revisited this post.

Bi-Polar Craft-itis
Read this post to see if you or a loved one might be afflicted by this budget-harming condition :)

The Crochet is the Way Name
I open up about how the Crochet is the Way name came to be, and tell off some people who deserve it in the process

The "Saving the Yarn" series
An interesting mix of subjects while I attempt to save a kid-tangled skein of yarn in a four-part series

Finding Myself in a Pile of Yarn
The story of crocheting through PTSD

National Crochet Month and #crochetforcharity
This post contains one of my favorite rants - One where the person involved never did come forward in public like I asked, but chose to attack me in private on Facebook again. Well, maybe not attack this time... More like, they just wanted to tell me that they were offended... Boo hoo.

  There's others to read, but these are probably the best. There's a mix of blog updates, Guidecentral updates, pets, kids, and rants. I hope you enjoy what you read as we lay Yarn Tales Tuesday to rest. Just know that it's not the end of my writings, it's just the beginning of more descriptive titles - and probably more posts! Sometimes, you have to know when to let go of something in order to make room for more. Another way to move forward!

Happy Crocheting... And reading, too!

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