Saturday, August 8, 2015

I am a Sewing Dummy

Getting ready for a new pattern...
And messing it up, too!

  So many of you have been waiting patiently for the promise of a pattern that will help you with your crochet tension problems... And you'll have to wait just a little bit longer, so here's something to entertain you in the meantime:

  There's no doubting that my new (free!) pattern is awesome. It. Is. Awesome. There's actually two of them, so you'll be able to mix and match to meet your tension needs. But... Do you know what's NOT awesome? My sewing skills. The new pattern requires a bit of sewing, and that has everything to do with why it's not ready. Because I do stuff like this:

  I swear I'm an intelligent person. Really, I am. I just don't read directions, and I hate to sew! I don't use this kind of snap buttons often, and I knew something seemed wrong while I was sewing this button on the pattern. 

  It wasn't just one side of the button, either. I sewed both sides of it the wrong way before I flipped the button package over and saw the diagram. 

  I even took step-by-step pictures for a tutorial, so now you guys get to watch me sew on buttons... The wrong way.

  Yup... I even made my horrible, big ugly knots to secure the thread, which makes it almost impossible to undo.

  At least I sewed the second button on correctly, although it's not pretty! To prove I'm not a total sewing dummy, I was going to remove the button with my seam ripper and fix my mistake. Oh, that's right... I broke it. How did my seam ripper get broken? Because I'm a sewing dummy!

  The good news is: It works! (The finished pattern; not my broken seam ripper.) That, plus my hands are starting (and hopefully will continue) to heal from my latest flare-up of rheumatoid arthritis. The swelling is going down, the redness is fading, and I'm starting to get some flexibility back. (My skin looks horrible after the swelling, but who cares! The pain is going away, yay!) Maybe my sewing will look nicer if they get a little better. Technically, I could give you guys the pattern now... But I have to put together more pictures and a short tutorial that goes along with them, so I need a bit more time. And...sewing. Here's to hoping that I pay more attention to what I'm doing, and ya'll should have your patterns by Monday!

  A note before we close: It did occur to me that the pattern I designed to help you with tight tension requires crocheting! I purposefully held my tension tight when I created these, and you'll see the results when the pattern is published. But, there will also be a scrap-tastic project available that requires no crocheting... And maybe I'll find a way to skip the sewing, too! 

I often close with "Happy Crocheting", but in honor of today's mistake:
Happy Sewing :)


  1. Sewing is a challenge for me too! The only way I get it done (right) it to cut and try again.

    1. Sorry, I gotta argue with that one. You made it look soooooo easy when you made that fabric scrap bag :)

      The best I can do is admit defeat, lol!

    2. Welllll, thank goodness I am not the ONLY one!!! I've made the exact same mistake sewing on snaps!!! LOL it makes me feel soooo much better to know I'm not alone!! *wink* Glad to see/read that your RA is calming down!! I know all too well how that one goes! OH, one thing that may help your skin (after swelling) that seems to work for me is vitamin E oil. I just soak my hands in warm water, blot dry & then daub/rub in a few drops of the oil. I warm the oil bottle in a small bowl of hot water while I soak my hands. The warm oil (and self hand massage) feels great!! Hope you continue to improve quickly, and that your pain continues to diminish!! <3

    3. Thanks for the tip, AppGal! The docs say that increasing Vitamin E intake during a flare-up can help, but I've never tried it externally. I'm also supposed to up my vitamin D-something... Best source besides milk, which I stay away from: Sardines, yay!

      I've actually given up on what the docs say, anyways. I have more success with herbal treatments, which don't come with the side-effects of heart and kidney damage. Vitamin E oil sounds much better for my skin than their latest suggestion of an acid peel to remove scarring :(

  2. Does anyone make and sell the tension tamer?

    1. I'm sorry Carolyn, if anyone is selling them I'm unaware of it. After a quick search, I found a tool that was designed to separate multi-strands of yarn, but it looks like it could be used in the same way:


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