Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Magical Pattern

  I have a great new free crochet pattern ready to go, but Mother Nature decided it wasn't going to be posted today. I delayed taking dislay photos for the pattern because of some link parties (check 'em out in the right sidebar!) and... I've been busy making a video! Well, three videos, actually, since my camera only takes about nine minutes of video before mysteriously shutting off... With plenty of battery and card space. Hmm...

  So, back to the subject: Mother Nature, why do you take my light away? And my electricity? Don't you know I need these things to get my pictures taken and uploaded to the blog?

  A freak - and by freak, I mean it-was-just-sunny-where-did-the-light-go-and-omg-the-wind-almost-blew-the-shed-away- FREAK thunderstorm popped up and ruined the publishing of the awesome new pattern. The final pictures are on the computer, waiting to be edited. And the computer is off-due-to-lightning.

  So I'm hiding in the bedroom with the tablet. I had managed to get the following photos uploaded before Freak-Thunderstorm ruined everything. (And I'm not hiding because of Freak-Thunderstorm, I'm hiding because The-Other-Half-and-T.V.) I was going over the photos, amusing myself, when I decided to play a little game. Want to play along?

What will it be?

  The following are all photos of the "magical" new pattern. Who can guess what it really is? (Now... One of you has been clued in to the secret. You're welcome to guess at what you think the photos look like. But I know you won't ruin the surprise.)

A funky flower? Some sort of sea coral?

A clam? A turtle? (The Other-Half says it looks like a turtle.)

A Phalaenopsis orchid?


  It's a pattern that looks like a mess, until you magically fold it over to make what-it-is. Fold it the wrong way, and you get all of the above examples. Do you think you know what it will be?

Have fun guessing ;)

(P.S. Hey, Jenn, this is the folded ruffle-thingy pattern, but since I don't have access to my computer and you moved Roving Crafters, I can't find the link to yours! Plus I'm on this stupid tablet and I can't figure anything out. Sorry, but, since I know you'll read this - Mind getting that link for me if you can find it?)

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