Saturday, April 25, 2015

WBS Blanket Progress: A Look at a Finished Blanket

Blanket One: We're almost done!

  This is just an update. No tutorial; no instructions. In the last progress post, I shared my problems with my cursed skein of yarn. I think I may have angered the troll by talking about him! He must have been behind me, reading about my cookie trick. Now he's on to me and he's acting out to let me know that he knows... First, I'll show you a (sloppy) sneak peek at one of the finished blankets. Then, allow me to complain explain:

  I was behind in my work on the "in the round" version of the blanket because of a (troll) tangled skein. While I was untwisting loops and removing loose strands, that darn troll must have hopped out of that skein and right into this project, because it all went downhill from there!  First, I missed he made me miss a corner stitch. And of course, I only found it after I finished the round and had the ends woven in. So, I had to pick out the tail, unravel my work all the way to the first full corner, and begin again.

  I finished that round, moved on to - and almost finished the next round. Almost. When I went to join the round to the beginning chain, I discovered that I messed up again the troll had used his evil magic to turn it into a chain-3 instead of the needed chain-6. Darn that troll. Time to unravel again.

  I completed the round, bound off, and finished weaving the tails in. On to the next color... But, maybe not. How about picking those ends back out, instead? I skipped The troll made me miss a chain-1 space, and the round was one (3 dc, ch-1) short. No way to fudge that. I had to listen to that frog again: Rip it, rip it, rip it. (I actually hear that in my head as I pull out stitches. Time to crank up the metal.)

  I gave up for the day, got some (needed) sleep, and worked with lightning-fast speed to catch up again. I'll have to be quick from now on, to avoid the troll's mischief. I think he doesn't want me to have a chance at winning that $5,000. Then, I might be able to afford some new corner of my living room office furniture and some organization stuff. And maybe I'll find where that little booger's hiding, and ring his mischievous little neck.

  I finally put a stop to his antics by just finishing this version of the blanket, which put me behind on the tutorial version. So, you get to see one version of the completed project before the next post. And I get to go to town to find a new backdrop that will hide my ugly house and unruly pets, so my wonderful readers have something pretty to look at. And so I don't have to stand on a chair with rolling wheels to take a picture. The blanket has spilled over my dinner table work surface, and I'm too vertically challenged to take a photo!

  And even though I know you guys probably don't care about love to see my animals, I'd love to provide a more professional-looking picture. Please give me a break again - I'm under attack by a run of bad luck an evil troll, remember? Just go ahead and comment on how bad handsome the dog is, and that you can barely see how cute the cat is.

  If you're new and interested in joining the Big Granny Square Blanket project, please click here to start from the beginning with my tutorial. Also if you're new, you can download all the patterns for the World's Biggest Stocking project here. You don't have to use Caron United to create a blanket, and you don't have to use the same colors as the pattern. Just make sure your finished size is 36" (91.5 cm) square, and try to keep the colors cheery. And remember - Now you could win $5,000! Get your blankets sent in (remember the required form!) by June 22, 2015 if you want a chance to win! 

  *Disclaimer: Just so you know, you can join the World's Biggest Stocking project without having to fear troll's wrath. And more importantly - I'm not (completely) nuts. The troll is imaginary. Just a funny little character to blame my mistakes on. I just need to pay more attention to what I'm doing. Please don't start to worry about my mental health. Remember - The troll is not real.

...Or is he?

Happy Crocheting!

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