Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Wishlist

Have you ever really wanted to try a new product, but it's not in your budget?
Do you fall in love with projects, but you know you just don't have time to make them right now?
Would you donate an item to charity if it meant you got to play with the yarn for free?

Here is my pick of the week:


Image from

  This DK weight blend from S. Charles has my interest piqued! I've never worked with any blend using linen, I can only dream of buying silk, and what in the world is Viscose? With so many curiosities, I've got to try it! But as usual, it's not in the budget right now. However, I want this yarn so bad, I think I'll find a way to make a budget for it! 

  On a side note: I did my homework! Thanks to the Google Information Gods, now I know what Viscose is! That would be Rayon, for those of you who didn't know, either. It's made from "regenerated cellulose fiber", which means plant stuff that's treated with sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide big words.

  Why only one pick this week? I already blew my budget again... got me with the notice of a "buy more, save more" sale in my inbox! And I bought a load of Caron United:

Image from

  Fifteen cents of the purchase price of each skein goes to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. I'm looking into using some of what I bought to contribute to the World's Biggest Stocking. And since I got it on a great deal, I think I'll use the rest of it for the Scarf of the Month program, so it's like tripling up for charity!

But, I still can't believe I bought all that yarn!

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Click the donate button in the right sidebar if you can help me out! I love to play with yarn, even if I don't get to keep (or make money from) the item I've made. All donations will support my Scarf of the Month program. Every month, a new scarf (or set) will be designed to donate to charity. As a thank you for your donations, the pattern will be provided for free the following month!

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