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How to: Bobbles, Clusters and Popcorn

  Popcorn, clusters, and bobbles, oh my! All of these stitches are close in nature, and have a similar effect, but what's the difference? Each one is typically made with a combination of five stitches. Besides yarn weight and gauge having a factor in the size of the bumps, extra stitches can be added to create more texture in each stitch. The placement of the stitches are what change the result. Follow along to learn how to create each of these three-dimensional stitches, or maybe just to brush up on your technique.   Have you ever been confused by the names of each of these stitches? I'm guilty of it myself. When creating variations of these stitches, I often label them incorrectly. The single crochet "bobble" I used for the Bobble and Chain baby blanket is actually a cluster!   So, this is my attempt at redemption for my mistake. Forgive me and accept your new knowledge with my humblest of apologies. This tutorial will: Teach you the differences between