Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Yarn Review: DMC Traditions Crochet Thread

    Recently while facing limited finances, and a sparse selection of colors in a local store, I found my new love. Michaels had been invaded by thread hoarders that day, but I was in luck. Color 5109 caught my eye, and the price fit my budget. We went home a happy couple.

  It's 100% mercerized cotton, and colorfast, which I love, because not long ago, a former project was ruined by color bleeding. Being machine washable and dryer safe, this would work great for garments, especially for babies.

  I have one complaint, and only one complaint: It's only available in five colors, and I want more! I searched the company's site and found a vast selection of colors in their other products, but sadly, only five in Traditions.

  After visiting dmc-usa.com, I discovered this is not available for purchase from their site, but they will help you locate a store which carries it. It can also be found online at many other sites. Being new to this brand, I only picked up one ball of each color. I have to go get more, but not in an "I ran out of material for my project" kind of way. I have to get more because I love working with this thread.

  I have nothing against any other brand of any crochet thread I've ever used. They've all just been, well...thread. DMC Traditions is the softest cotton thread I've worked with yet. When compared to others, DMC appears to be a finer thread at first, but I had no problem with gauge when mixing brands for my Celtic Knot Shamrock pendant.

  The candy colors of 5109 inspired the Cotton Candy Butterfly applique, along with multiple ideas still in my head. Honestly, pastel rainbow colors are about as far away from my taste as you can get. That's what surprised me when I discovered how many things this thread has inspired me to make. From accessories to appliques; from bags to baby items, the patterns keep flowing through my mind.

  So there you have it: If the only thing I can complain about is a lack of colors, I think it should get an almost perfect score. I highly recommend giving DMC Traditions a try. You might fall in love with it too.


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