Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yarn Tales Tuesday

Bi-polar Craft-itis

  I've discovered that I may have a condition. I've seen signs of it for most of my life, and there doesn't seem to be a cure. This is my opportunity to connect with others who may also have this condition. Together we can find support and gain the confidence to deal with the life-disrupting side effects of having such an affliction.

  Wait, affliction? Let's go back to calling it a "condition", I like that better. I'm not afflicted, I'm not sick, and the only way I want to hear the word "disorder" is if you're talking about my office, because we're not talking about a sickness here. "Bi-polar Craft-itis is a condition that affects many crafters and D.I.Y. enthusiasts all over the world. This mental state is characterized by piles of mixed craft supplies in the home and an uncontrollable urge to travel to the craft store for more materials.  

  Other symptoms of this condition include, but are not limited to: Hoarding of crafting materials, sticky glue fingers, pondering what you can make out of trash, paint in your hair and eyebrows, mood swings while crafting, a trance-like state when watching D.I.Y. shows, and frequent utterance of the phrase "Ooo, I can make that!". 

  Signs to look for if you think you or a loved one has Bi-polar Craft-itis:
  • Lack of ability to purchase a gift for someone, preferring to make one instead

  • Inability to walk past a craft store, and consequentially being unable to decide on only one thing once you're in there

  • A constant need to create

  • Addiction to craft supplies such as yarn, paper, or fabric, etc

  • A feeling of loneliness when not surrounded by at least three ongoing projects

  If you suspect you or a loved one has this condition, talk to a physician about how his/her office would look much better with an accent wall and how you can crochet a seat cover for those little rolling stools that doctors always have. Although there is no cure for Bi-polar Craft-itis, those affected may continue to live a full, craft-filled life, finding support and D.I.Y. ideas on the internet and at craft fairs.

-Do you think you might have Bi-polar Craft-itis? Isn't it distracting sometimes? What is your favorite craft? Obviously, mine is crochet! 

I've been working on building an assortment of various craft tutorials for +Guidecentral. If you're interested, you can check them out here:


  Happy Crafting!

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