Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yarn Tales Tuesday

Crochet Holidays, not Holiday Crochet

  I'm sure we've all heard the term "Holiday Crochet", as in: Crocheting for a certain holiday. That's not what we're talking about this week. This is totally different. Did you know there are "holidays" for crochet? 

  September 12th was International Crochet Day. It sneaked up on me this year, and I didn't have a chance to spread much word of it before it was too late! I didn't get to do much other than suggest to fellow crocheters that they should consider celebrating by helping someone else learn to crochet. Being not only my work, but also my favorite hobby, I was disappointed to miss out on a special day for crochet.

  However, there is another "holiday" coming up that I love, and you may want to celebrate. Every year, the second Friday of October is I Love Yarn Day. That will be the 10th in 2014. Yarn enthusiasts of all types celebrate every year by crafting, donating, or wearing yarn related items, as well as organizing yarn bombs, teaching a skill with yarn, or maybe just throwing a yarn party. There are many ways to celebrate, no matter what your yarn-related hobby might be.

  If you would like to learn all the details, you can learn more about I Love Yarn Day by visiting http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/i-love-yarn. You'll find free patterns, party ideas, and even I Love Yarn Day gear! While you're there, you can share your thoughts about the day, organize a flash mob, or just mark your calendar for special events.

You can also find more on:



Or view more with Instagram or #ILoveYarnDay.

  I like to celebrate by helping someone learn crochet, or creating an item to donate to charity. Do you plan to celebrate I Love Yarn Day? What are your plans?

  Do you know of any other yarn or crochet related holidays? If you do, help spread the word!

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