Saturday, June 14, 2014

Yarn Review: Caron Simply Soft

  I have to confess that Caron Simply Soft is one of my go-to yarns. It has pros and cons, but is always a "simple" choice for a project. There are two negative things I'd like to cover; one is a problem I've experienced myself, the other is a gripe I've heard from many crocheters.

    Let's review the bad stuff first, but remember to consider the good points too, before you make up your mind. Here's my problem: Caron, you cause me much frustration. Why, oh why, does a giant tangled mess always come out of the middle of each skein? This has happened with every kind of Caron yarn I've used so far. I've come to expect with every skein to have my other half standing across the room with multiple strands of yarn through his fingers, impatiently staring at the ceiling while I untangle many, many yards of yarn. I love all the Caron products I've ever used, but I dislike having to untangle it for every project.

  That's my only problem. Now I feel like I should address the complaint I've heard from others, even though it isn't an issue for me: Splitting. Have you ever worked with Simply Soft? Do you have a problem with your hook going into the middle of the strand? Because the ply is very loose, this can happen easily. The best tip I can provide is to adjust your tension, because the harder it is to insert your hook into the stitch, the more likely it is that the hook will split the strand. I keep weak tension on this yarn, and rarely have an issue. Maybe it takes a little practice, but should you have to do this? Have you ever experienced the same problem with another brand? Is it worth the time, or do you chose a different yarn? It's definitely something to consider.

  Now that we got the unpleasant points over with, what kind of yarn is this, and what are it's good details? It's worsted weight, 100 % acrylic, machine washable and dryable. Not only is it a no dye lot yarn, but it seems to be colorfast too. In fact, I accidentally threw a project in the wash once with bleach, and it came out fine! Available in over 50 colors, Simply Soft offers a vast variety of choices. At under $5 for a six-ounce skein, it's affordable, although not as cheap as other acrylics. In my opinion, the soft, satiny feel is well worth the extra money. For more information about Simply Soft, click here to visit the manufacturer;s website. 

  On a personal note, this yarn offers me a special bonus. I have trouble using products with animal fiber, because I have very sensitive skin. With many natural fiber yarns, the project will have some fuzziness, often called a "halo". This can be a beautiful effect. Instead of developing a halo, most acrylic yarns will "pill", looking old and worn out. Once washed, Simply Soft begins to get fuzzy, but it has more of the look of a natural fiber halo, instead of pilling and ruining your work. This allows me to create projects with an effect similar to animal fiber, even though it isn't exactly the same.

  In conclusion, it may be a favorite of mine, but you have to weigh the pros and cons to decide to work with this product. Simply Soft creates beautiful, colorfast, durable projects. It's great for apparel, afghans, baby items, and more. But it is also a bit of a pain to work with. Have you used Simply Soft and had the same problems? Would you chose this yarn for a project because of the results, or decide to use another brand to avoid the hassle?


  1. I love this yarn. It does split but that is no issue for me. First afghan I made did get fuzzy but, now that you mention it, it does make it look more natural. I am doing a temperature afghan now with it in the Apache Tears pattern. It is a tighter stitch and may not fuzz as much. I use it all the time.

    1. You're right, Lynette - Tighter stitches do help to keep this yarn from fuzzing. I've made many more projects with Simply Soft in the years since I've done this review, and I machine wash and dry most of them... Of course the things I hand-wash look nicer, but the others have still stood up to the abuse.

  2. I am crocheting and got to the lot split. The item I'm making us a top for someone. I am very frustrated. How can I be compensated. Not sure how to add picture.

    1. Sorry about your troubles, Roberta! You could try contacting the company (nicely) to see if they would give you a refund or replace the skein.
      By "lot split", do you mean a break in the yarn? If so, you could easily fix it with a Russian join. You'll find a tutorial here:
      If you mean you've reached that spot in the skein where the strands are barely spun together (because it exists in almost every skein of Simply Soft), then you can still try that method to save the rest of the yarn. I would suggest sending a picture of the unusable part to the company to see if you can get at least a partial refund or discount on future purchases.


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