Yarn Review: Bernat Baby Jacquards

  Do you ever buy yarn on discount or clearance? I do it every chance I get. This skein of Bernat Baby Jacquards was less than half price, so I snagged it.

  This is a 90% acrylic, 10% nylon blend, DK (3) yarn.  It is extremely soft to the touch, lightweight, machine washable and dryer safe. According to the manufacturer's website, it looks like there are eight colors available, including this one.

  Buried at the back of a shelf, with a ripped up label, I almost missed it. Almost. How could you miss this color? Although the color name is Berries 'n' Cream, it reminds me of a pitcher of cold pink lemonade with lemons floating in it on a hot summer day. Beautiful.

  I was surprised with my results once I completed a project with Baby Jacquards. It created a luxurious fabric that is soft, light, and drapes wonderfully.

  I have no complaints about working with this yarn. I do have to admit some unhappiness with my own results, though.
After finishing the Pink Lemonade scarf using this material, I hand washed it, and it came out fine. When I washed it a second time in a machine (gentle cycle), it fuzzed up quite a bit. It didn't ruin my project or anything, it just didn't have that nice smooth look anymore. Perhaps it is best to hand wash it. Has anyone else had this happen?

  I have a second complaint,  but it's not really serious. Hey, Bernat, who says this has to be just for babies? Move over, babies! I want this yarn for myself! In grown-up colors too!

  But seriously, if Bernat had the same product in more adult pleasing colors, I think I would make one of everything out of it. My favorite part of working with Baby Jacquards was watching as the colors unfold from the skein.

  When someone speaks of a yarn using terms like "luxurious" and describes how well it drapes, you probably think of something with natural fibers (and usually a high price); this yarn will challenge that idea. "Baby" yarn or not, I would enjoy making some garments with it. Wouldn't this make a cute pair of socks for a little girl (or for yourself)?

  Making a guess, I think any baby would enjoy being wrapped up in this softness. Go ahead, make a baby blanket with it, then try to tell me that a secret part of you doesn't want one for yourself. You'll see.


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