Thursday, October 3, 2013

Free Pattern: Autumn Acorn Accessories

  Living in a mild climate, we pretty much get two summers and two fall seasons; There isn't much of a spring or winter. In fact, I've yet to see snow in my lifetime. I don't mind though, because I love the fall and I don't love to be cold. The oak trees on my property have been inspiring me to design something lately, and as usual, something with plenty of versatility came to mind. Also as usual, the troll has been up to no good  stealing my stuff. Originally I had planned on just a cute pair of earrings, which is what you can make with your acorns if you don't live with a mischievous troll. Mine became a brooch, because apparently trolls like jewelry findings.
  Make some for a necklace and earring set, make a brooch like I was forced to, or create a refrigerator magnet, zipper pulls (ooooo, cute on boots!), even decorate a gift! The choice is up to you; I provide the pattern and some inspiration, you can create something totally your own. The pattern works up unbelievably fast, so you'll be done in no time, (hopefully) enjoying the Autumn weather again. The best part is how little material it takes. This project would be a great way to use up fall-colored scraps because each piece only uses about 12 inches (30.5 cm) of worsted weight yarn.

Skill Level:
*Although I don't recommend this project for beginners, there is almost a step-by-step photo tutorial along with the pattern which makes it easier to follow along for the newbies. Click on the links at the end of this pattern if you need any help with stitches.

Worsted weight acrylic yarn
  A: Coffee
  B: Sunflower
  C: SH Browns
  D: Sunflower
  E: Green
  - These are the colors I had in my scraps. I don't even know if they are available anymore. Anything with a similar color would work.
Crochet hook size F/5 (3.75mm)
Tapestry needle
Whatever you will need to complete your accessories, such as jewelry findings or magnets, glue, needle and thread, etc.

6 dc in no more than 2 inches (5 cm)

Finished size:
About 1 inch (2.5 cm)

For the more advanced crocheter - Piece A is simply a 6 dc cluster, or, dc6tog from the foundation chain, then bind off.
For any beginners who just said "What??", its explained step by step, don't worry, take a look at the pictures provided.


Piece A:
With color A or B, ch 8 (counts as ch-5 + 1 dc). Starting in 3rd ch from hook, (y/o, pull up a loop, y/o, pull through 2 loops) in next 5 ch (6 loops on hook).

 Y/o, pull through all 6 loops.

Bind off, use tails to sew sides together.

Piece B:

With color C, ch 2 (counts as 1 sc + foundation loop), 5 sc in farthest loop from hook. Join with a sl st to beg ch-2. Bind off, weave in ends.

Sl st through foundation loop of Piece B, between sc directly opposite from each other. Example shows a ch of 3; Make as many chains long as you wish.

Attach Piece A to Piece B:
  Stuffing isn't necessary, however, I simply used the tails leftover after binding off and securing them. Stuff with fiber filling, scraps of yarn, or don't stuff them at all; Its your choice.

With right sides out, match outer sts of Piece B with beg chains of Piece A. Sl st through both sts, ch 1 (counts as 1 sc), 1 sc in same st.

2 sc through both pieces in each of next 5 sts. Join with a sl st to beg ch-1. Bind off, weave in ends.
  This is a perfect example of how easily you can change the look of your own acorns. The yellow acorn (right) has less stuffing and was made following the directions as written. For the brown acorn (left), begin by inserting the hook first through Piece A, then into Piece B when attaching.

  The example leaves were made with all colors listed, plus some green that didn't have a label, so I couldn't name it. Use whatever colors are available to you and assemble with which combinations are pleasing to your own eyes.
Using any color you would like:
Ch 4 (counts as ch-3 + foundation loop), (sl st, ch 2, sl st, ch 4, sl st, ch 2, sl st, ch 3, sl st) in farthest loop from hook. Bind off, weave in ends or secure and leave for assembly.

Abbreviations used:
Dc - double crochet
Dc6tog - double crochet 6 together
Ch - chain
Y/o - yarn over or wool over
Sc - single crochet
Sl st - slip stitch
Sts - stitches
Beg - beginning

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