How to: Single Crochet

  The single crochet stitch height is between the slip stitch and double crochet stitch. Start by chaining desired number of stitches. When beginning a row of single crochet, you will "skip" one chain, which makes up the height of the next single crochet.

  Insert the hook from front to back in the 2nd chain from the hook.

  Yarn over, pull up one loop. You should have two loops on your hook.

  Yarn over, pull through both loops on the hook. 1st stitch made.

Insert hook into next chain, pull up one loop. Yarn over, pull through both loops on hook. 2nd single crochet (sc) made.

Continue until the end of the row. The last stitch will look like this:
Insert hook
 Pull up one loop. (2 loops on hook)
Yarn over, Pull through both loops. (1 loop on hook, no more stitches left.)
  Okay, so now you've made one row of single crochet. Now what? Turn your work. Chain 1 to make the height of the next stitch.

Insert hook in next stitch.

Pull up one loop.

Yarn over, pull through both loops.

Continue as you did for the first row, and keep practicing!


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