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Be Square Top - Part 3

  This part of the tutorial will only cover a basic explanation of the pattern and the taller stitches used in the Be Square Top. Unfortunately, the photos I took for this part of the series didn't come out well. I'll be demonstrating the stitches with a different project so you can see how it's done, and I don't want the mix to get too confusing. Although this holds back the progress of the tutorial, I've managed to include some extra tips so you can use these stitches in multiple applications.   I've also been experimenting with better ways to hide the beginning chain in a round, so you'll see a few different methods used as I show you the stitches... But I do think this is all something that would be better shown in a video. I'm working on it, and I'll update here whenever it's finished. Be Square Pattern design: The Be Square Top was worked to just below the bust in the granny stitch, then I changed to a V-stitch variation. You can

A Surprise

  You may have already seen little sneak peeks at this project, and now it's time for the reveal... I've been debating whether to show the whole thing before next month's GrannySpiration Challenge, or go ahead and spoil the surprise. This afghan has been kept semi-top-secret because it was intended to be a gift, so let's unveil it in the most surprising way possible, shall we?   The project was neglected while I was sick and Dad was in the hospital. Afterwards, it seemed like every time I sat down to work on it, something else went wrong. (Though isn't that the way my life always goes?) Things broke, people interrupted, and the weather didn't cooperate (my kitchen window is leaking again). Between cats in the way, dim light from storms, and (most of all) a lack of room, I couldn't see how I'd ever get good photos of this project for next month's Challenge.   I've been sitting in near darkness most afternoons, stitching away to use up