Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Milestone and a Storm

  I'm writing this at 2:30 in the afternoon on Thursday... If you've visited my blog in the last hour, then you may have been my 300,000th viewer! Is it a big, huge milestone? Not really. But I always told myself that I would really get serious about blogging when I reached 300,000 views, and it came today. So I'm doing a little dance all like

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  I don't have much time to celebrate, because I'll have to shut down again soon... But I have something for you! Before the weather got really bad today, I spent some time on Ravelry. I learned how to create a promotion, so I could give all my wonderful readers a gift for the views. I knew the number was coming up soon, but I never expected to reach my milestone today. I'm glad I took the time to learn it now!

  My gift to you - The only thing I ever managed to load in my Ravelry store: The Holly Holiday Table Runner. The holidays are approaching soon enough, so I thought it would be cool to make it available for free. You could use the pattern for the squares to create anything from a single doily to a whole blanket. Like I said, it's the only thing I have to offer in my store... But until September 8th, I'm offering it for completely FREE!

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  That's a whole week! If I've done this correctly, then all you have to do is click "buy it now" and you'll be able do download the pattern for free. I tested it out myself and it worked, so I'm pretty confident that I did it right... 

I'd love to stick around and say more, but it's definitely time to go. This was what the weather looked like when I checked it last:

image from

And this is what it looks like now:

image from

It tricked me. It was coming from the west, and now it's moving in from the south...

  What a day to celebrate! Well, here's the wind and rain... And I'd love to pretend the thunder is just nature clapping in congratulations, but it means I need to go. I get a little scared in weather like this, but I'll be fine as long as I have a hook and yarn. 

Thanks for the views!

Happy Crocheting!


  1. Congratulations on your views! That's a milestone indeed! (I was happy with 50,000 a while ago!)
    I hope the storm went by quickly and that there hasn't been any damage at all.
    Take care,

    1. Thank you, Sigrid! It took me years to get here; I know you'll get there too!

      Thankfully, we are lucky to have escaped damage other than flooding. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hip Hip Hurray! Congratulations!!! It'll take another one or one and a half years till I get this far (approx. 177.500 now). Hope the thunderstorm went by quickly and no other is comming any time soon.
    Happy crocheting,

    1. Thank you, Marjan! I never even reached 100,000 in my first year and a half of blogging. You never know when you'll publish that one post that takes your views over the top!

      The storm seems to have passed for us, after leaving more flooding rain behind... The eye went over the north of the state in the early hours. I'm waiting for reports of how bad the area has been hit.

  3. Yay for such an awesome milestone!! I'm doing a little happy dance for you right now, looking forward to hitting that milestone myself.

    1. Thank you so much for dancing along! I'm sure you'll hit it in no time.


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