Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday Wishlist

Here are my picks of the week:

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Red Heart Scrubby:

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  Described as a "uniquely textured yarn", Red Heart Scrubby is a 100% polyester yarn that is still a mystery to me. Okay, so it's scrubby... Is is coarse and itchy, or soft and nubby? A little of both? This yarn makes my list because I'm already planning on buying it, without a feel-y test first (gasp!). Red Heart has a neat contest going on - Design a pattern with Scrubby, and get entered to win the $150 grand prize, or one of three runner-up prizes. For the contest, I'll be taking the risk of buying it un-felt, unless it becomes available locally before I purchase it online. Wish me luck!

  *Note: This post was suposed to go up last week! The contest ends August 10th, and I still haven't bought the yarn! I'll be making my purchase today, so let's hope it gets here in time! Chances don't look good for me, but you'll still see a review.

Noro Silk Garden:

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  Do you ever go yarn shopping, then turn into that little kid whose mom won't let him get the toy he wanted, so you start whining "but I waaaant iiiit"? That's me with this yarn. (But only on the inside. I'm not really whining.) Where can I start? First, the colors - Noro's beautiful colors! This yarn is hand-dyed in over 30 colorways, but the one you see here is the one I gotta have. It would be perfect for the orchid afghan I'm planning, but this yarn is too pricey for a project that big. (But I want it!)

  Then we could address the material: 45% silk... Ooo-oo. 45% kid mohair... Oh! And... 10% lamb's wool. Oh no. Why does my stupid skin have to be so stupidly sensitive to wool? (But I want ii-iit!) I... Don't... Care. I have to work with this yarn. It has a low wool content, so I'm hopeful it won't leave me feeling like I rolled in fiberglass. If it does, I'll finish the project with gloves on, then give it away. I just have to work with Silk Garden once. At least one time! Hopefully this colorway is still available when this yarn's turn comes around in my budget.

-  -  -  -  -

  So, that's it for this wishlist - Two mystery yarns! Is Scrubby coarse or soft? You'll find out soon! Will Silk Garden leave me feeling like I walked through a cactus garden? I would love to tell you to tune in next week for the conclusion, but the more expensive yarn has to wait! There's this teeny tiny thing I have to take care of first - called car insurance. Life sucks like that sometimes. I should pay insurance on my yarn stash, instead. I climb into my stash more often than I get into my ride. I think it might be worth more than that bucket of bolts. 

Happy Crocheting!

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