Saturday, April 11, 2015

WBS Blanket Progress: Color Three

Blanket One: Color Three

  Let's speed things up a bit in this post... See the work on color two if you missed it, or if you're new to the project, you can start from the beginning

  As always during this project, please understand that these are not my patterns. If you haven't downloaded them yet, you can get all the patterns for the World's Biggest Stocking blankets from the Yarnspirations website. I'm only sharing my work so you can all crochet for charity and be part of a world record, too! Download the pattern for this Big Granny Square Blanket here

  Remember, you don't have to make these blankets with Caron United, or in the colors the pattern calls for. Just try to keep the colors cheery, and make sure your finished blanket measures 36" (91.5 cm) square.

The next color that the pattern calls for is dark green. But first, as in the last post, I have to untangle a knot! This time, it's both ends of the skein tied together. I'm not trying to knock this yarn. I like it; I like it a lot. It's worth untying. Caron, I love you, but you're always too tied up to begin a project! What gives? Do you have yarn tangling trolls living in your factory? It's okay. I have one of those in my house. Just give them a cookie once in a while to keep them happy!

Join the new color with a slip stitch (sl st) in any corner chain-3 space. As in the previous rounds, the corner will begin with chain (ch) six, to count as the first double crochet (dc) and the corner ch-3. 

And don't forget to chain one before the next set of double crochet!

In this round, you will make (3 dc in the next ch-1 space and ch 1) three times before the next corner. 

For the next corner, you will make (3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc), and ch 1 before the next set of dc. Can you handle finishing the round without the pattern yet?

Remember to end with 2 dc in the beginning corner space, then join to the third chain of the beginning ch-6. And like all other rounds, you will begin the next with a sl st in the corner ch-3 space.

You'll find this round is just like the rest, but this time, there will be four sets of (dc, ch-1) before you reach the next corner.

Keep repeating around, closing with 2 dc in the beginning corner space, and joining with a sl st to the third chain of the beginning ch-6. Bind off, and weave in those ends until next time!

Like last time, I'll show you both versions that I'm creating! The version you see in the working photos is turned every color change. The blanket you see here is the version that is worked completely in the round. I take working photos of the turned version because it's "more square" to me. This round version is a bit more floppy, and needs extra blocking. How are you creating yours?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WBS Blanket Progress: Color Two

Blanket One: Color Two

  Last time we worked on the first two rounds of the pattern, finishing off the first color (Burgundy, if you're following the pattern). Now it's time to start the next color of the Big Granny Square Blanket! Remember, these patterns are not my own. Visit this Yarnspirations website to download the WBS patterns.

  Before we begin, I have a situation to discuss. Since I haven't finished the review of Caron United yet, I thought we could cover this problem right here and now. As I've said in reviews of other Caron yarns: Caron brand, oh, why do you do this to me? I love your yarn, It's always so soft, and affordable, and durable... And about four out of every five skeins pukes out a tangled mass that I have to fight with! Why, Caron, why? Seriously. WHY?

   And that's it. That's the issue. If you're using Caron United, expect it. Consider yourself lucky if you don't find a tangle. That one's pretty small compared to some knots I've pulled out of the center of other Caron skeins. This is just a few loops wrapped around the main strand. So... It's knot a big issue, let's move on! (And that was so knot funny, I know!)

  Remember that you can make the blankets for the World's Biggest Stocking in any colors or yarn that you like! Make sure the finished size is correct, and try to keep the colors cheery.

  *To turn, or not to turn; that is the question. And the answer is up to you! I'm creating two of these blankets at the same time: One is worked truly in the round, and the other is turned each color change (every two rounds). Personally, I like the look of the turned version better. My other half says he can't see a difference, so maybe it doesn't really matter... Or maybe he should actually look at something before he says "yeah, that's fine", so I doubt his opinion. 

The cool thing about a classic granny square is that the pattern stays the same; you just add more sets of double crochet stitches each round. So, you will join your new color (Cherry used here) with a slip stitch in any corner chain-three space you wish. The round begins the same: Chain (ch) six to count as the beginning double crochet (dc) and ch-3. Make the next set of three dc in the same space. 

Don't forget to chain one between sets of dc!

The next set of 3 dc goes in the ch-1 space between the corners.

And don't forget to chain one before working the next corner!

All the corners are the same: *3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc. Ch 1, work 3 dc in the next ch-1, and chain one before working the next corner. You will repeat from * two more times to reach the last side.  

Working into the beginning corner space, make 2 dc to complete the beginning dc set. 

Join with a slip stitch in the third ch of beginning ch-6.

To begin the next round, you will slip stitch into the corner ch-3 space.

Work this beginning corner exactly the same as the others: Ch 6, 3 dc in the same space.

Each round you work, the number of dc sets along each side will go up by one. In this round, work 3 dc in each of the next two ch-1 spaces. Don't forget to chain one between all dc sets!

Work the corners of this round just like the last, with (3 dc, ch-3, 3 dc) in each corner. There will be 3 dc in each of the two ch-1 spaces between corners, with a ch-1 space between all sets.

Make 2 dc in the beginning corner space before the ch-6. Join with a slip st to the third chain of the beginning ch-6.

Bind off, and that's it for the second color! Take the time to weave in the ends until next time!

And here's the version worked in the round! Can you see a difference?

Happy Crocheting!

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