Tuesday, September 29, 2015


  I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love free stuff! Who doesn't? I love chances to WIN free stuff, too! Life has been really busy lately, and I've found it difficult to continue sharing great giveaways like I used to do. Part of my everyday schedule was to search "yarn giveaways", "win free yarn" "crochet giveaways", and so on... Then I'd round them all up and share with my wonderful readers. There just isn't time for that anymore.

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  I can share a great tip, though: When life is too busy to round up every giveaway out there, go to All Free Crochet! Some nice people over there have already rounded up a bunch of giveaways for you. There's giveaways for yarn, books, tools and hooks - you just have to visit their Giveaway Page to see what's new!

  And no, this isn't an ad or solicitation. It's more like a "thank you" to All Free Crochet. I mean, how do I (and you) win giveaways if we don't find any to enter? When you just don't have the time for every single contest out there, it's nice to go to the Giveaway Page and get in what you can.

  Plus, many of the giveaways through All Free Crochet offer you extra chances to win, like sharing on social media, a chance to enter once a day, and extra chances if you share the giveaway on your blog! *Cough, cough*... I swear that's not the point of this post. And to prove that, I won't send them the link to this post. Then I don't get the extra entry. But wait... I do want them to know that I'm saying "thank you"... So, can somebody else send them the link? (Lol, thanks!)

  Right now, I really have my eye on the Mango Moon Giveaway. Forget about wool sensitivity - I want it! The colors are dreamy, I can imagine it's silkiness, and even the name of the yarn makes my mouth water. I gotta have it! Hurry up if you want a chance: This contest ends October 4th.

yarn giveaway, Mango Moon, All Free Crochet
Image from allfreecrochet.com

  -On a side note: I'm no chemist (I only play one in my kitchen when the Kid has a science project due...), but can't they make some sort of magical cream that makes sensitive skin less-sensitive? I mean, there's all of this luxurious fiber out there that other people ooh and ah over, and I know I can't touch it without feeling like I rolled in fiberglass. C'mon scientists! There has to be a cure!

  Getting back to the subject... Through October 11th, All Free Crochet is also offering a great giveaway for beginners: Click here to enter for a chance to win. For even more contests, check out their sister sites listed on the Giveaway Page. And make sure you check back, because you never know when there's going to be a new contest! Okay... Unless you subscribe to their emails. Then you'll know when there's gonna be a contest... But you gotta go back every day for more chances to win.

  I'll close with my apologies for this sounding a bit like an advertisement. I've just been using the Giveaway Page at All Free Crochet as a time-saving way to get the most out of the little spare time I have left for entering contests. I know many of you are pressed for time too, so I wanted to pass it along!

Happy Crocheting!

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